Bulk Sprinkler Heads Online?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by -, Mar 6, 2001.

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    Anyone know where I can order sprinkler heads in bulk. I will need 100-200 this season. I prefer to work with Hunter.

  2. Keith

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    What kind of pricing are you getting now?
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    $3.90 per head. Local Retail.
  4. Keith

    Keith LawnSite Gold Member
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    what type, the adjustable mist?
  5. Hardy Enterprises

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    Why are you paying retail? You don't have an irrigation distributor in you area? My distributor sells to legitimate contractors for 40% off of retail.

  6. mowerman90

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    I pay $1.79 ea for Rain Bird 1800 4" Pop-Ups and .95 for the nozzles from a local distributor. That pricing is by the case of 100. So everybody knows, NO, these heads are not to replace the ones I mow, they're for installations I do in the winter months.
  7. Keith

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    I think we pay about $1.78 for Hunter adj mist when we use them. We pay about the same for the RB1800 bodies, and around $.75 for nozzles. I think Nelson mist bodies are about the same as the Birds.

    As for rotors, we pay $9.97 for Nelson 6000's and a little less for Hunter PGP's. I bought 4 cases of K Rain Pro's about two months ago. Haven't really used them too much before, but they had a special, buy one get one free. Less than $4 for a rotor is hard to pass up :)
  8. gusbuster

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    Why buy on-line???
    GrassRoots Lawn Care: You should be able to go to any local Irrigation supply house that only sell to people in the trade. Next option, check out local home depot ect...At least in my area, comparable price for bodies.. about 0.11 cents difference.

    Myself, I use 1800 series from Rain Bird with U series nozzles. More expensive than the regular nozzles, but worth the extra price when doing sod and sprinkler installs.

    As for an irrigation online ording,
    The catch 22 is the shipping and handling charges. I do pre order items this way and pick up localy.


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