Bulk tree planting??

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by J. Peterson Grading, Sep 14, 2010.

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    If you can make 7500 dollars for planting 100 trees then I need to move.

    Brandon asked questions that have yet been answered.

    If you supply the trees and warranty them who will be responsible for watering them?
    Will there be irrigation?
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    3 guys, excavator and tractor whould be able to plant stake and mulch 100 2" trees in less than three days. Put your numbers to the time and see what you come up with.
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    A local guy says with wire basket trees, their team can do them in 4 minutes each, once they get going. Whew! Lot of prep, and I think a team of 6 with 3 vehicles.

    However planting someone else's trees is a bad bet. If a tree dies, you say, "Bad tree" Tree farm says "bad planting" Lot of finger pointing. Result -- unhappy customer. You will get some of the tar from that mess.

    Either provide the trees yourself, or subcontract with the provider to plant. Key feature: Someone who owned the trees supervised the planting so you don't get holding the stick if they die.

    If you buy the trees and resell and plant, then be sure the seller will warrant the tree. Suggest that they send an observer out to watch you plant the first few if this is the first time you have dealt with them.
  4. FLCthes4:11-12

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    i figure that it would take 1.5 man hours for each tree start to finish.
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    That seems high. Care to break that down? A lot is going to depend on how many trees, how large they are, the driving distance to the job.

    My 4 minute figure for the local company is low, but that's his claim.

    Locations are marked. Truck has access close to the locations.

    1 bobcat with tree spade to dig the holes, and put the cores in carriers.

    1 bobcat with forks to unload trees off the truck.

    2 guys to strip most of the basket, and work with the bobcat driver to put the tree in the hole.

    2 guys to do the filling and staking and final cleanup.

    That 24 man minutes per tree, not counting shuttling loads of trees back and forth, running bobcats back and forth, getting going at the start of the day, picking up at the end of the day, down time if the next truckload of trees didn't arrive in time, etc. I think Bob said that the job was for a new golf course so there were LOTs of trees.
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    i charge by man hours. If one guy augers hole (way faster here) we have hard heavy clay in Georgia, picks up tree, cleans out and adjust hole (it will need it), sets tree, unties strap and remove top of burlap, backfills hole, rakes and smooth tree ring, mulch, and stake. =1.5 man hours per tree.
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    I don't see 1 1/2 hours per tree there. Especially using an auger to dig the holes. Could u put more than one guy on a tree?
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