Bulletproof tanny for pushing a plow

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by rmmllc, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. rmmllc

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    Ok- I know this is the Lawn site, but some of you guys plow too. In your opinion what is the best plow truck? My brother's in-laws plow and hate their dodge for it. It burned through a tranny this year and started the 2nd on fire 3 days after they got it back from the shop. I may help them plow next year and am going to buy a truck this spring (not new- '00 to '03) and would like it to be a good one for plowing if I decide to do so. Thanks
  2. KTM

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    Check out and join the plowsite thread on this forum it is very informative, I am sure you will get all diffrent answers. LOL.
  3. P.Services

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    i have a dodge with 200k on it and its been great, its been a work truck its whole life plowing hard and pulling even harder. the trans wasstarting to slip in over drive at 180k but only because the cooler line came off and it over heated. i put a new trans from dodge in it and i havent had a problem yet. knock on wood. i do plan on droping in a new engine some time soonish.
  4. J&R Landscaping

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    For that year range, The allison would be your best bet for an automatic. The Ford 4R100 4 speed auto would be second. A nice 6 speed ZF manual would be better yet IMO!
  5. mag360

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    Chevy 6.6 or 8.1l with allison auto---nice low 1st gear and good cooling.

    With that said---I've had good experiences with dodge auto trannys. Temperature stays nice and cool the entire time. My record is 24 hours straight in a '99 dodge cummins 47re with 135,000 miles at the time---lots of back and forth and the guage hardly moved.

    If you want to go manual the nv4500 found in 3/4 ton dodges and chevys and nv5600 in dodges have good ratios for plowing without tearing up a clutch.
  6. P.Services

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    hey if we want to talk hours, i plowed for over 36 hours!! no break at all for the truck (i took a few to mcdonalds) the gauge never moved.
  7. rmmllc

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    Sounds like diesels have better trannys. I'd love a Duramax, but may be out of budget unless I have a good year and need a tax deduction. I'm not sure I'd want to beat the truck up with a plow if I did get a Duramax. I prefer Chev/GMC, but I'm open to opinions.
    I currently have an older dodge with a cummins. Never had a problem yet, but only owned it a year. Problem is- it's only 2 wheel drive (problem for plowing)
    I'll check out the plowsite, too. thanks again
  8. LawnProLandCare

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    to answer your title no tranny is going to be bulletproof. best thing to do with whatever truck you get is before you start a plowin season get the tranny and torque converter flushed and fluid changed, get an aftermarket tranny temp gauge installed(stock ones on any truck are GARBAGE) and it isnt a bad idea to upgrade your tranny cooler to the largest possible. tranny coolers arent that expensive it ran me a $130 for the biggest heaviest duty tranny cooler the shop had.. preventative maintenance and a regular check on your fluids can make or break the tranny. also dont try to be a hero when pushing snow. if its wet heavy and 6" deep dont be taking full blade passes thatll strain the hole truck... use common sense when shifting between rev and drive and make sure truck is completely stopped.
  9. Classified

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    Its more of a matter of how you plow not what you plow with.

    Anything will last forever if you take care of it and watch the signs it gives out

    My 03 ford with a 7.3 auto has been great for me. the needle rarely moves and if it does it may go from 100 to 120 ( i have aftermarket guages. if you have stock guages, the needle wont move unless its already too hot. its more of a dummy light with a needle instead of light up icon)depending on the outside tempature.

    Just do lots of reading on plowsite.com and you should have plenty of head knowledge before you even hit the pavement.

    Good luck!
  10. rmmllc

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    Good idea about prevention and methods- that makes sense. I guess that opens up my options. I will read on plowsite, too. I'm sure they have probably covered this a lot, I was just on here when I thought of the question, so I thought I'd run it by you guys.

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