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bullrider users, some info needed please

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you with the bullrider sulkies, i need some info... in your experiences, have you found the bullrider to contribute to excess rutting? I have a few props where my junglewheels are leaving their wheel marks, while the mower isnt. I cant see how going to a sulky with smaller wheels is going to help this situation. What do you guys think? worth the money? can you zero turn with one at the end of a row if you only circle the peremiter only once? Thanks guys.
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Belt driven walk behind mowers are not designed to perform zero turns. They have their place in the mowing arena, but zero turns are not what they're for. I have a Scag 48 belt drive WB and it has served me well for 7 years and more than 3500 hours without so much as a hick-up. The mower is a Godsend on steep lots where a ZTR couldn't even think of going. I'll never be without a good walk behind mower for a lot of reasons.

As far as the sulky is concerned, I have a velky X2 on my Scag and I don't have a problem with ruts. The soil here in Florida is sand and ruts are rarely a problem.
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