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bullrider users, some info needed please

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you with the bullrider sulkies, i need some info... in your experiences, have you found the bullrider to contribute to excess rutting? I have a few props where my junglewheels are leaving their wheel marks, while the mower isnt. I cant see how going to a sulky with smaller wheels is going to help this situation. What do you guys think? worth the money? can you zero turn with one at the end of a row if you only circle the peremiter only once? Thanks guys.
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When I used my walkbehind (52" JD) with a trailering type two wheeled sulky, I would either have to do two perimeters (simplest and neatest way to set straight rows) or if I did do only one border, I would have to jump off the sulky at the end of every row just after the first part of the turn to "swing" the inside turning part of the mower back a bit to make the tighter turn.
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