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bullrider users, some info needed please

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you with the bullrider sulkies, i need some info... in your experiences, have you found the bullrider to contribute to excess rutting? I have a few props where my junglewheels are leaving their wheel marks, while the mower isnt. I cant see how going to a sulky with smaller wheels is going to help this situation. What do you guys think? worth the money? can you zero turn with one at the end of a row if you only circle the peremiter only once? Thanks guys.
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im curious to know if it handles like the castering 2 wheeled lesco sulky? i purchased one early spring, very comfortable, but.. it was to heavy to chain up like my single wheele velkie, i could not back off my trailer because the standing platform was to close the ground, it took up to much trailer space when attatched to the mower , was much to heavy to muscle in and out of the truck at every stop, and severely affected the performance of my hydro w/b when going across slopes, ditches ect. and going down small inclines. i couldnt back up without stepping off. much to many cons for my liking, so i returned it to lesco , only had it two weeks. does the bullrider share any of these inconvieniences?
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