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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by HOMER, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. HOMER

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    My 2000 Dodge was a fine truck............that is until it hit 50,000 miles.

    I'm pissed right now and since I own it I can talk about it. The transmission is on the checkout line. This comes just a week after the heater core gave up and started steaming the cab up, the overdrive button is now an intermittent button, sometimes it engages and sometimes it doesn't. The vaccum pump, or air pump, which costs $1530.00 to replce from the dealer is leaking oil and of corse it's out of warranty along with all the other items I've mentioned.

    Lets see:

    $1530.00 for pump
    $125.00 heater core
    $372.00 Labor for installation of heater core
    ????????? unsure about o/d button, haven't had a chance to get it checked out and very unsure about the tranny cause this just happened yesterday......with 3 days left until Thanksgiving and no way to pull my trailer I guess I'll have some pissed customers now!

    I read once where the Cummins would be there for a while but the truck would fall down around it......I didn't understand it when I read it but now I do.

    6 months left on the lease and I'm very tempted to make an early return.

    Lesson learned: Always purchase that extended warranty they try and sell you and never listen to those that say it's a bad investment......if you do it at purchase you'll get used to the extra included in the payment.........if you don't.....like me........your wondering where the moneys gonna come from to fix all the crap that's tearin' up-------not to mention what I'm gonna tell my customers that expect their lawns to look good next week.

    Now would be a good time for it to start raining and continue right on through Thanksgiving.....

    Sorry Dodge........you let me down.
  2. DLS1

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    I buy warantees on everything. Just got a 2001 Dodge caravan. Got there best cover all warantee uo tp 100,000 miles. Get warantees on all electronics that cost me over $99. I have gotten computers repaired for free and gotten new home stereo systems replaced with a newer system since I borugh it in 4 times at Best Buy over a 3 year period. Well worth the money on cars since it cost about $70 - $100 an hour to get cars worked on now.
  3. Rooster

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    Hi Homer,
    Long time no chat!!!
    Sorry for your troubles.

    I don't remember the site, but I do recall that the government requires that pollution control equipment on trucks are required longer than some warranties.

    Have you ever had any service done on any componet that failed??? You might consider looking at the situation from that angle.

    also. www.warranty gold.com

  4. Brickman

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    Homer I am sorry to hear of your misfortune, but there is a reason I always brag on the brand I brag on.

    Good luck man with what ya do.

    As for extended warranties I have bought them, paid the big $$ for them and then I don't have ANY problems with the item. To me it was $$ thrown down the drain.
    Like Mr. Homer could buy extended warranties for the rest of his life and never use it agian. Ya just never know.

    :drinkup: :drinkup:

    small ford.jpg
  5. DLS1

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    The warantee on my caravan is $1 a day. I like to look at it that way and not worry about about needing alot of money at once for repair costs if something breaks down such as transmission, motor,electronic parts. The peace of mind is also a bonus.
  6. jsr2741

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    Sorry about your truck Homer. But one bad apple doesn't spoil the barrel.

    As far parts go you could check on www.turbodieselregister.com and if you already belong to it ask any of those guys a way to do it yourself. Also there's probably someone on there that could get you those parts at as substantially lower price.

    On your overdrive its been told to me by guys who run the auto in their diesel that you shouldn't drive those trucks with the o/d on under 45 mph.

    Hope this helps and if you dont belong to tdr it would be a good idea to do so. Way to much knowledge on that site for the Cummins owner not to have access to.

    Good Luck
  7. yourlawnguy

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    WOW! that really sucks! No way to get your truck fixed in time but have you looked around for a rental? It'd probably be worth it to get your jobs done for the holiday. Uhaul, Ryder, Lowes any ojne of these could probablty rent you a pick up truck. Customers don't like excuses, they want results.
  8. The answer to your problem aint gonna be getting one of brickman's fraud's
    here's what ya need:D
  9. Gravel Rat

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    You should bought a Ford you wouldn't have all those problems your getting with the super high quality truck Dodge puts out :D

    Dealers have these trucks built so they are a continous revenue machine so they can keep soaking you for more money when the parts start failing Dodge uses this tactic more than anybody else because they got to make up for the lack of sales revenue :(

    In all seriousness I would either decide to take a slight loss and get another truck (Dodge Ford Chev) or keep the truck you have now and keep dumping money into it. When repair payments start exceeding new truck payments its time to get out every truck has its problems but you have a real bad one.

    Good Luck
  10. Brickman

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    Odin I hate to be the one to shatter your bubble but there are way more Fords doing hot shot hauling than GM ever dreamed of doing, and over 2 million PS engines built. Now those are numbers that GM has yet to dream of doing, let alone come close to doing.

    BTW I am glad you sticking around to argue about this. :D

    Homer a pic is worth a thousand words, here is what it is all about.

    truck pic 2.jpg

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