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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by HOMER, Nov 23, 2002.

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    A lot of the big companies that use the heck out of their trucks, like Haliburton etc, use Fords. They test different trucks from time to time and they KNOW how much it cost to keep them running. Ford comes out the cheapest everytime because they have fewer break downs per mile. When my Dad was manager for Baker Oil Tools up here the corporation would send up a Chevy or a Dodge so it could be tested in the cold. He would have to make sure all maintenance was done by the book and document all the problems. He always hated that because it meant he would have down time on the Chevies or Dodges while the Ford would just keep going. I can remember a couple of times when he was using my old 60 something Ford to haul tools to a rig because all the other Ford were out and the other brand was broken and waiting for a part. He always felt that made them look unprofessional but thought that not shpwing up was way worse.

    When I went to work for Arco on the Slope we had Ford trucks for the first ten years or so. Where I work is about 17 miles from our camp. I was never stranded by a Ford truck. Then we started getting Chevies from a lease company that is owned by a Native corporation, Arco did this because they wanted to get in good with them because they owned some property that Arco wanted to drill on. The "Alpine" oilfeild is on this property now. It was a political decision, not one about the trucks. Anyways, I have been stranded by those @##$#@@&& broken down Chevies at least 20 times in the last 7 years. One was a Duramax that had a whole 70 miles on it. It lost the headgasket. Also the Chevies won't bust the snowdrifts as well as the Fords did, ground clearence maybe? aggravating! Our vehicle maintenance department says that the cost per mile with the Chevies is near 40 % higher than the Fords.
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    Yup Fords are used for more industrial uses than any other brand almost all logging contractors buy Fords to use as crummies and service trucks. You wouldn't take any other brand into a remote camp many kms away from a dealer or a repair shop and usually takes a barge ride to the nearest paved road.

    You meantion Dodge everybody damn near pizzes their pants laughing they would rather walk its more reliable Chebbies 4x4 systems are junk not strong enough.

    A P/U truck used in the forest industry is beat to rat sh*t and still comes out shining the most reliable truck taken into the bush when you got 6 loggers making 30 bucks an hour and their truck is broke down and can't get to the site that costs big bucks.

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    homer sorry to hear about your truck .i've been there done that. all brands male lemons.now in your case i would grab a salesmen and see if i could trade that truck in without dumping 2,000 into it. or i would lease a truck but i would dump that one.i do snowplowing so i depend on my trucks i use ford psd's ,good luck
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    Thanks for all the replies and even the laughter from a few of these. All this talk about Ford reliability has got me thinking! Maybe I should trade this beast off. I dunno...........I still have a few months left on the lease and I need to do something before it's time to turn it in. Trade would be the wisest move but I was sure hoping to get into something cheaper payment wise. I will say that the Dodge has only been in the shop once since I got it and that was fuel pressure related and fixed under warranty. All this has come up in the last couple weeks and the timing is just bad. My Daughter backed into my truck with our SUV so now we have dents to pay the deductibles on so they can be fixed, just another $1000.00 to come up with. Christmas ain't looking good for the Homers:rolleyes:

    On a brighter note: I did go to that transmission site, DTT, got on their forum and explained what had happened. The owner and tranny guru replied and said it sounded like the governor to him and it could be fixed for around $175.00 if I did the work myself. I had to run a pressure test first to establish and identify the problem. All that's greek to me but he claims if I can service the tranny then I can replace the governor. Also a call is in order to Chrysler to complain about their product that I held to such a high standard just a few thousand miles ago.

    Hey, it's only money right? And us grass cutters make a ton........or so I've been told!:cry:
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    Hey Homer, sorry to hear about these problems. :(
    I've been lucky with my '00 Sport, its only been in once. The transmissions are the weak points,.
    There is a mod which will make the transmission start with OD off, instaed of on, you might want to ask DTT about that. Dtt knows their crap!

    Have you changed out your coolant? Its more important for diesels than gas burners.

    I'm going on 65,000 on mine, but after this I might see if I can buy an extended warranty..:eek:
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    last chevy we bought they started in on the sales pitch for the extended warrenty, then realized a company was named as the purchaser.

    told me commercial purchases can't get extended warrenty. i don't know if it was the particular dealer, or that company they used for the warrenty coverage, or gm canada.
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    we have all been there.you need a work truck plus a spare the bigger you get the more backup you need the list goes on wackers,blowers. mowers it's only the part of business Byron :blob2:
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    shep :dizzy: :sleeping:
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    The only reason Ford sells more is because us chevy guys don't have to replace our trucks as often :p

    BTW, i've never been stranded with a chevy but just a few times with a Ford (Found On Road Dead)
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    So Homer,
    What did you find out about your truck?

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