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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by HOMER, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. Randy J

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    Homer, sorry to hear about your truck. Mine is actually weeping around the vacumm pump also, but not enough to spot the driveway, so not enough to worry about. I do remember seeing a thread on the TDR a while back about replacing the vacumm pump, and if I remember correctly it's something you can do yourself, and save considerable. You might want to do a search on it. As for the cruise control O/D button, mine is the same way. Since I use the button to slow down quite often, it can get real frustrating. But, look at it this way, compared to glow plugs and glow plug relays going out, or the possibility of an aluminum head on a cast block giving you problems, or a very expensive water pump replacement, it's not that bad. All makes have their problems, (contrary to what Gravel Rat thinks - even Ford!), and all have their pluses. I will say this, other than, for some strange reason, a cruise control solenoid once a year, I've had no problems in 136000 miles on my Dodge/Cummins. I have a friend that pulls hard with his Dodge. With his '93, not a single problem (other than tranny - which they will all have - except for the allison) in 200,000 miles. His '99 however ended up with a cracked block. Cummins warranted it though, even though he had 180,000 miles on it.
    I recently asked someone for some info on a Ford I'm considering. It has 158000 miles on it. The response was, and I agree with it, if it's been taken care of, it should have another 100,000 miles on it. That's not too bad. Unless you consider if it were a Dodge/Cummins. Then we'd be saying it had another 350000 miles on it.;)
    Anyway, if you plan on getting rid of it soon, now might be the time. But if you've been happy with the truck and plan on keeping it, I'd put the money into it. It'll probably last longer than you do.
    Either way, good luck.
  2. Brickman

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    Randy check out the Chebie Forum on Plow Site. There are a few guys that hate the Allison there. Some thing about lots of problems, and Chebie won't take care of most of them, cuz they don't know how. :D

    For the record there are plenty of Strokers with over 400K on them. (Yeah I know about the million mile Cummins) The one you are looking at with another 100K will still be below 300K. Look at it this way, when that PS might give up on ya, your Dodge body will be :dizzy: , then swap engines and keep going. Knowing that you got one of very few Cummins in a Ford.

    I still wish I could get one in my Ford. Maybe some day I will have to. :D :D
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    Seems like I've heard about problems with those Allisons too. But I can't remeber where. I think the way to go is with one of the AM companies, like DTT.
  4. cclllc

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    Hey Homer,
    Just read this post.Sorry about your truck.I like Dodge myself but I own 2 Chevy's...'91 w/223000 on it and '85 w/148000 on it.I have had tranny trouble on the 85 but it is never unhooked from the trailer.Well hardly ever.The '91 only had to replace the w/pump.knock on wood.
  5. GraZZmaZter

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    I have continually heard nothing but bad things about those Dodges. I dont think i would trust one as far as i could throw it. ill stick with my Chevys!
  6. HOMER

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    Sorry guys, forgot I put this back here in the Truck forum.

    The problem turned out to be a governor solenoid. That was actually the cheaper of the 2 things repaired. The heater core which I bought from Car Quest was $105.00+ tax......the labor to install it was $375.00! I wrote the dealership a check for $690.00+ .

    The overdrive button problem has went away since having it repaired so either I got ripped or they killed 2 birds with one stone. At least I have heat!

    I have until April to decide what to do with it.........still not sure. I'd really like to hear from someone that traded a Cummins for a PS and find out if they have any regrets.

    Had one of those 2003 Cummins pass me yesterday with duals......2 big chrome tips out each side..........she was pretty!

    Sounded good too.

    Solid white dually.

    I'm so confused:dizzy:
  7. Randy J

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    Hey Homer, congratulations on getting it fixed. Sorry to hear you're having so many problems. Here's the thing on a new truck, both the Cummins and Powerstroke are new versions for this year. Of the 2, the Cummins is more like it's predecessor, as the only thing really changed on it was fuel delivery. The Powerstroke is a complete new engine, 6.0 liter vs. 7.3 liter. For this reason, I would feel more confident that the Cummins would have less "new engine" problems than the Powerstroke. If you were to wait a couple of years, for any bugs to be worked out, then this would be less of an objection.
    As for the truck, well, Dodge obviously has its problems, but I have 139,000 miles on my truck, and other than cruise control issues, I've had no problems. (I've even had the same brake pads for over 130,000 miles.) So we know there are some less problem prone out there than yours has been. Ford is going to be the same way. There will be some trouble prone trucks out there, and some that never have a problem.
    Personally I prefer the Cummins over the Powerstroke, even though I now own one of each. I just feel more comfortable that the Cummins will be more reliable over an extended period, especially if turned up any. The Cummins is used in far more applications than the Powerstroke, and it has proven itself to be very durable.
    Either way, I'm sure you'll end up with a good truck. Good luck and enjoy the shopping anyway.
  8. Brickman

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    RANDY J HAS A POWER STROKE. Man I am glad you finally let it out. This waiting has been killing me.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Randy I would love to know the numbers of actual Cummins in use. I am sure there are tons, and as I have stated before would like to have a 12 valve in my F 250.
    But as far as the numbers go there have been over 2 MILLION Power Stroke engines put into the pickups. That does not include Excursion, the Ford vans, the school buses, delivery trucks, and vans. It would be very interesting to know the actual numbers.
  9. Randy J

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    I figured you'd be happy to finally read this. It's actually a pretty nice truck. There was an interesting article in Autoweek, last week. It was talking about how diesels were going to grow. Dodge only sells about 100,000 diesel pickups a year, no where near the number Ford sells, I'm sure. But the Cummins is used in tractors, buses, medium duty trucks, even an option in heavier duty Fords.

  10. landscaper3

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    I own new Chevy's, Fords and Dodges. We replaced transmissions in ALL!! trucks, we replaced more parts on our Chevys then the others, Dodge wasnt too far behind. The Chevy parts were easier to get and costed less (Thank god) We still have The Chevy's and Dodges and are most definately keeping our Fords. With 8 trucks at one time The Fords are my choice but the cost of parts do keep me buying Chevy's and those Dodges have a ton better stearing radius while plowing ans sanding then them all! So Each one has its strong points and weekness. If Cat ever makes a truck engine for pickups, no matter what make Ill be there. Cummings and Powerstrokes are great motors and GM finally!!!!!!! came up with an equil plus they offer the BEST!!!! transmission available even though they dont make it (Allison) cant kill those trany's only one we havent killed (YET!) hope not!

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