Bunton 61" Belt Driven Walk Behind operator questions


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Central Missouri
I just got a Bunton 61" Walk Behind that is belt driven. It has a B&S 16HP V-Twin on it. It had been sitting for 3 years and was not running. I now have it running well and have some operator questions. It cuts fine and after some adjustments I have it steering OK and the transmission seems to be working. I can't seem to find a neutral position or reverse.

Does this thing have a neutral or reverse? If so, how does it work?

How fast should this run in its fastest gear? I have no problem walking as fast as it is moving.

I have never had a commercial mower, but I just bought a house with over 2 acres and I thought this would make my life a little easier. I only have $100.00 invested so far and it does work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am looking at the possibility of going into the business also and thought this might be a great starter mower.


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How old is this machine? newer belt drive walk behinds only have a reverse assist wich barly does much....older models with a variable transmisison dont have any kind of reverse. Variable tranny machines also do not have a neautral gear......when you want the machine to be in a neautral like state you just squeeze both brake slightly and that will free the tires to roll. If you need to go in reverse while mowing.....use the break method and pull back on the machine.

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