Bunton BZT-2190/ BobCat ZT219

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wareagle, May 20, 2003.

  1. wareagle

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    from Ohio
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    Does anyone have an experience with the Bunton BZT-2190 or BobCat ZT219? They are practically identical although the Bunton has an electric deck lift, a work light, and a larger gas tank. With a 52" deck, the Bunton costs $6200 while the BobCat is $5800. How reliable are these? Quality of cut? Is the 19 hp Kawasaki enough? Is the electric decklift reliable and is it worth the extra money? How are these prices? What else is a better VALUE for homeowner use?
  2. mowohio

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    I have a Bobcat zt219 with the 19 kaw. Used every day commercially and is trailered everywhere. This is the 4th season and have not had one problem. Only expenses are oil, filters, and blades. Should be no problem in homeowner use. Just the best in my humble opinion.
  3. Fireman D

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    I also own a Bob-Cat Z219 with a Kawasaki 19 hp. It is used almost every day (full time firefighter) and haven't had any real bad problems with it either. Although yesterday the idler pulley bracket did break into. Just one of those things I guess. Very good and dependable machine. :)
  4. LakeSide Lawn and Landscape

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    I love bob cat mowers i own 2 of them never a problem with either.I will probably always own one.:blob3: :blob4: :blob1: :D
  5. battags

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    BobCat's are great machines. So are the Bunton's. They're both made by Textron. www.textronturf.com

    I have BobCat's due to the fact that my father-in-law is a dealer.

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