Bunton BZT-2190 or BobCat ZT219

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by wareagle, May 20, 2003.

  1. wareagle

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    Does anyone have an experience with the Bunton BZT-2190 or BobCat ZT219? They are practically identical although the Bunton has an electric deck lift, a work light, and a larger gas tank. With a 52" deck, the Bunton costs $6200 while the BobCat is $5800. How reliable are these? Quality of cut? Is the 19 hp Kawasaki enough? Is the electric decklift reliable and is it worth the extra money? How are these prices? What else is a better VALUE for strictly homeowner use?
  2. wodinsc

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    I have owned a Textron Bobcat zt-218es for a little over a year now. I believe the only difference between the 218 and the 219 is the engine. The 218 has an 18hp briggs intek. I have yet to find it underpowered for the 52" deck even in tall thick grass and it is easy on fuel. The briggs might not last as long as other brands commonly found on commercial mowers but, at 70 hrs or less of homeowner use per year, it ought to last me many years. The quality of cut is excellent. I paid $5000 for this machine new and am still happy with it. I checked out all of the "homeowner" ztr's but was concernded about long-term durabilty and a good homeowner model was around $4000. Couldn't justify spending $7000 for an exmark (my first choice) but when I found this commercial grade mower for $5000, I couldn't pass it up. The manual lift is simple and easy to operate. I don't think an electric lift would be worth the extra cost. The Textron bobcat ztr's are excellent quality at a bargain price.

    ADLAWNCUTTERS LawnSite Member
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    i have the bobcat and love it.it's the best machine i've owned. they are both good mowers,the fancy electric lift is just another thing to break. i would buy either mower it comes down to dealer support..oh go with aleast a 23 hp kawi..
  4. Fireman D

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    I own the Bob-Cat Z219 with a Kawasaki 19hp motor on it. The mower is used for some small commercial use and alot of residential use. The 19hp motor is plenty for the 52" cut (even thick, wet grass). I have had this mower for a year now and it has 225 hrs on it. I have been very pleased with the mower and the cut it gives. i wouldn't spend the money for the electric deck lift either because it is just something to cost money when it quits.

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