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Bunton BZT2250


LawnSite Member
southern indiana
I have searched through the prostings and I haven't seen a whole lot on this particular mower, so if someone can point me to a thread, I would appreciate it, otherwise, I'm looking for thoughts on whether this is a good deal or not:

2002 Bunton BZT 2250
61" Deck
Hydro. deck lift
25h Kawaski (new in June 03)
400 hrs

Are these mowers reliable?

Anything I should be looking for before I purchase this?


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I own a 52" with the 25 horse kohler. All the mechanics I talk to say a Kawi is the best in the lower horse power but to definitely go with kohler in the 25 horse.
I am not pushing one brand or the other. I have kawi's on my walkbehinds and never had a problem and have 25 kohler on my bunton with no problems.
Talk to a trusted mechanic and get there thoughts. Hope this helps. By the way the price is right in line if the machine is not banged up.


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southern indiana
Is this a case of the Kawi just isn't as good as the Kohler, but is still a good engine, or that the Kawi is a terrible engine in the 25 horse model?

The machine has a few scapes and scratches on it, but they look to be mostly cosmetic.

The dealer will split the cost ($45) of new blades for the mower, is that price about right?

I will be mowing about 4 acres once a week with this mower. I would think that this would be considered light duty, and therefore the mower should last a long time, provided I maintain it properly. Is that a fair assumption?