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Anyone tell me anything about these mowers ? Do they have a website? Saw a used one in a trading-post and was wondering if it was worth driving 2 hours to look at it. Do they cut and stripe well? Are they any good for mulching? Any input on this machine will be greatly appreicated. Mowman<br>

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I used to run a Bunton 48&quot; hyrdo for a guy when I did this in high school. He had a bunch of high school kids working for him (we got off at 10am - work study program) and we put that thing through hell. We used it to tear out roots and stumps, and one time I put it into a lake, totally submerged for 20 minutes. It ran the next day and always would start. The owner never maintained his equipment either. The quality of cut was shitty but the customer base we had didn't seem to mine (this guy was a low baller). Can't commit on current machines though. <p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>GrassRoots Lawn Care, Florida


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Bunton is owned by Textron who also owns Bob-Cat, Cushman, Jacbsen, Ransomes,and Ryan<p>There web site is http://www.jacobsen.textron.com/bprodinfo/bprodinfo.html<p>They have been around since 1935<br>Thats all I know<p>Frank

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I don't know which one your looking at, but here's my 2 cents worth. The hydro walk behinds are great when their new but after a season or two all of the control linkages (which are nothing more than steel rods with holes drilled in them to connect to the other control links)wear out to the point that you can not adjust them to track or maintain equal wheel movement. Some of the older (pre-1998) walk behinds don't have any grease fittings on the spindles either.<br>The riders such as the Twister are a nice mower however they suffer from DIFFICULT TO MAINTAIN engineering. The spindles do have grease fittings, but the fittings are mounted so close to the spindle flange that you can't get a grease gun head on them unless you loosen up the grease fittings. The rest of the greasable points of the Twister are very difficult to access and usualy won't accept grease due to the poor engineering of the parts. I'd like to boot the guys that engineered these mowers. However, maintenance issues aside, they are comfortable to use and provide a nice cut.<br>I could go on and on about mower design and engineering, but that's for another topic.<br>Hope this helped.<p>ps. Looking at the new line of Bunton &quot;TEXTRON&quot; mowers, they finaly have addressed SOME of these issues.<br>

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