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Bunton Walkbehind-->How do I put it in neutral?


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Follow up-Went back today, and was ready to load it up. BUT, I cant figure out how to get the damn transmission in neutral. There is no reverse that I can see, but I can figure out how to get the wheels free so I can unload it.

Heres some specs.
Bunton Walkbehind.
Model: b52l10tci
Serial #: jjb52l2051

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Sorry Guy, I'm not up on Buntons. I did try to look that model # up on a couple Bunton sites and it would'nt come up. I'm not any help if I can't see one.

Jay Ray

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d"Iberville MS
If a belt(s) are in bad shape and has to be replaced anyway, you might consider cutting a belt(s) off to roll it down the ramp and regroup from there. The older Buntons did not have a reverse and used a variable speed pulley to control forward motion. I bid on one once but didn't win it. The J. Thomas catalog has a couple of pretty good parts diagrams that might be of some help.

I would guess the mower is put in neutral by making the v-groove in the variable speed pulley wide enough that the belt slips in the groove. I have no idea how the speed control does this. Bet you have it figured out now anyway Pro.

Jay Ray

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d"Iberville MS
Diagram shows an idler pulley between the vari-speed pulley and the gearbox pulley, but does not show the mechanism that carries the idler. That may be the disengage.


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Cape Cod,MA
Neutral on my old Bunton was squeezing the pistol grips and locking the levers, like setting brakes on gear drive. There is no reverse or neutral on shifter.You have to do that to start it or it will take off on you , no safety switches.


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Hey Maccdad, welcome to Lawnsite :) just as a future reference you may want to look at the post date as you answered a post from 12-16-2005 :laugh:

Don't worry your not the first or the last, enjoy the site lots of good info and hard working people on here.


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pontiac mich
Your Belt Drive Bunton Mower
There Are Belt Guides For Each
Wheel So When You Pull The Handles
The Belts Hit Hit The Guides And Go Slack
On The Drive Pullys Allowing The Unit To Roll