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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bulhead19, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. bulhead19

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    I have a meeting with the owner of of one the burger kings over by me today. since most bk's are the same and alike in set up and design..what should i charge to mow the grass, weed wack, blow and possible vacuum a small amount of clippings. Ill use my 21's which have baggers so ill take the grass clippings with me. I was thinking this...$40 per man per hour. it will take me 2 hours to do solo. so 80 bucks plus 10% to cover taxes and another 10% for my profit. So about $100 each visit. So for $100 i will mow, weed trim, blow and bag/vacuum the grass discharge and dispose the grass clippings in my truck/trailer. By vacuuming, i was gonna buy an echo shred n vac. So please let me know what you think about my bid...I meet with this guy in9 hours!!
  2. vencops

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    Will 10% cover your taxes? 10% all you need for profit?

    So....you're actually at $60/man hr.

    Nothing wrong with that (if that's what it costs you to do business.....or, you can get it). But, my "guess" is......you're not going to get $100/wk. to mow a BK. I'm a solo, too. And, I could do the one up the street in 30min..

    Good luck.
  3. Get Some...

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    A guy does one here for 30.00.
  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    With your 21'' bagger isnt worth $40 per hr Maybe $20 per hr

    Good luck on winning the bid
  5. Grass Shark

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    burger kings are like $35 cuts by me.
  6. LawnGuy73

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    Same over here, one being done for $37.00.
  7. bulhead19

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    vencops: what do you charge them? I took this advice from my uncle who is very successful in landscaping. Do you mow once a week? how often do you visit??
  8. AzLawnMan

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    Wow! Look, the big picture of this bid is that its probobly only going to be 1 store not 100, so dont fall for the "Give me a good price and I might be able to get you all the stores" chances are he only manages or ownes this one store. I used to do Del Tacos and I actually worked for the franchise and not the individual owners so I had many stores. I would charge them anywhere between $175-$225 per month and only serviced each property once per month. Your man hour rate is super high at $40, my man hour rate is $14.89 and I add an additional $7.50 for travel time. Now I may have more employees to bring down the average price than you do, but if we were in a meeting together, I would look at your numbers and think you had no idea what your talking about. I went to an HOA board meeting last night and they asked me my man hour rates and I stalled so they can go to the other guy first and I had the biggest smile on my face when he said "$75.00 an hour" I turned and said $22.39 and everyone nodded and wrote that down, the other LCO had a blank look on his face and then realized his mistake. Many companies and HOA's are now asking for man hr rates, hell I even had a comapny ask me for my profits margins!. Good luck with the bid, cant help with a price unless I knew what it looked like.
  9. Runner

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    A BK for 100 a cut? Their corporate office in Florida probably doesn't even pay that.
  10. vencops

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    I don't do them, at all (to answer your question).

    Not my cup of tea.

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