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Burger with no meat?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Acute Cut, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. Acute Cut

    Acute Cut LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 980

    Ok, fun bid for ya. And i am talking a real rough bid. I am going off guestimations here and will be measureing and stuff on wed.
    Here is the job dimentions:
    200 ft long
    Varyies from2-6 ft wide or so (is a dry creek bed right now)
    Wants a pondless.
    The creek bed is lined with nice rock so we have to move it right?
    WRONG! The owner there owns two escavators and will sit in it all day long and do what we need to have done.
    I told him i was newer at bidding this and taking the meat out of the burger really was messing me up.:confused:
    I would GUESS (notice the caps?) that from the bottom of the pondless hole to the top of the biofalls we are probably looking between 20-25 ft height difference. I want about 4500 at top, so do yall think i may need two pumps to kinda help it along in the middle somewhere?

    I'll try and get some pics on wednesday if he is still interested. I am guessing around 17K for this job. I know i will need gravel and med rock. I have the 2-8 inchers in abundance and i have a few BIGGER ones as well. Those are machineable only. I am guessing perhaps 3-4 tons of medium rock at about 80$ per ton. I am guessing perhaps 6-8 yards of gravel. Not sure about falls and liners yet. I just learned falls and pondless and ponds the other day. This "seems" like a big job to me. I would guess 3 days with 4 people. My first possible job. WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!:blob3: :D :blob3: :D
  2. chesie

    chesie LawnSite Member
    Messages: 79

    First things first. You need to make sure you have enough of a catch basin at the bottom of this stream (if it is 200' long) to operate this whole stream. Plus you are going to need to make a lot of dams along the way down to creat mini ponds. THe idea being that in the event of power loss that when the pump shuts off you dont want all of your water flowing down hill and overflowing out. Then when the powercomes back on you have no water to feeed the pump/ stream.

    As far as pump i would venture to say(a guess without math) you would need along the lines of 2 10,000 GPH pumps to run this monster that is alot of head on those pumps.

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