Burmuda nededs to go bye bye

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Indydirtfarmer, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Indydirtfarmer

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    First off, I'm licensed (Kentucky, A1, A2) (AG applicator) BUT.....This is for MY lawn. Burmuda invasion. It's needing to go away before I go to a total kill :angry:

    2 treatments have been recommended. 1 is Ornamec, other is FusiladeII. Any thoughts? I'm going to spend a few minutes with my chemical saleman, and a bit of time on the UK website, but what do you all think.... :help:

    Turf grass isn't my forte'. (Forage grass/pasture is my niche) :cool2:
  2. ThreeWide

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    Fusilade II is the product of choice if you believe everything on the labels. One of my clients will be receiving this treatment later this Spring to remove Bermuda from his Fescue. I'm expecting it to require repeat treatments.

    I was given verbal information from one of UGA's top turf scientists that a mixture of Acclaim and Turflon was more effective than Fusilade. Take that for what its worth. I know nothing about either of those products.

    Regardless of what you use, the best time to remove Bermuda is during the Spring greenup process. It is the most vulnerable during that time.
  3. Williams Services

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    F. II is the way to go. Dieback will take about 2-3 weeks, depending on the temp when you apply it. You may need to retreat it, too ... but it works great. :D
  4. cemars

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    Fusilade and Ornamec are the same thing, it will not control Bermuda by itself unless you are a very patient man. I have done about 2 dozen Bermuda removals, about half of them successful, here is the scoop. In order to control Bermuda, it needs to be actively and aggressively growing, so the first step is too feed it and water it mid summer and get it nice and happy. Then hit it with a combination of 1.5 oz Fusilade and 2.0 oz gyphospate per k and wait about 2-3 weeks. Then look for any signs of life and hit it again if needed and wait another 1-2 weeks to be certain that you have 100% control before reseeding. With Bermuda, you must get 100% control or it will come back, good luck-I feel your pain.
  5. Williams Services

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    Cemars - down here bermuda will take over a sidewalk in a week, without help. :D

    Won't the gly fry the turf that he wants to keep?
  6. cemars

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    :waving: In that case you may not have to worry about the feed & water part.
  7. Jason Rose

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    I had good luck with the Turflon Ester in my small lawn I had at my old house. I planted the lawn in the spring and never killed the bermuda that was exisiting. It wasn't real healthy, that is until I planted fescue and applied fertilizer and water, then it decided to be healthy! I used the turflon Ester in 3 applications about a month apart in the hotter summer months. It does not kill the bermuda at all, it just stops it from growing, basically a growth regulator. As long as you can keep your fescue thick and healthy and cut it at 3" or 3.5" and do the turflon before the bermuda really gets out of control, you will probably be able to make it work. It not the best solution granted, but it's better than having a half bermuda lawn and it's less labor than round-up all summer and starting over from dirt. And even then you are more than likely going to have the bermuda back in 3 to 5 years if you have any hot dry spots in your lawn or if you mow too low in the summer.
  8. Bryn

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    I have used Acclaim Extra, and Turflon mix in the heat of the summer with very good results. The regiment is to apply from May to September, unless seeding, followed by the same the following year. The applications are a two year deal. This only works with common Bermuda.

    Do a search under my user name, I think I have another post here somewhere.

    It is not a cheap combination, and I think a month of brown grass is easier and cheaper.
  9. JB1

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    Heard A J powell from U of K talk a couple of years ago and he's the top turf guru at Kentucky, the question was put to him and he said to move or get to liking it as he hadn't seen anything that really worked.
  10. toxic man

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    Hey you guys,, Fusilade and ornamec are the same AI, But, Fusilade is not labled for turf. If you want to apply the AI, Ornamec is the only one labled for turf.

    I am currently experimenting with a Ornamec Turflon mix, I heard that will nuke the Bermuda in a couple of visits, then wait for a re-emerg and respray?


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