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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnkid, Apr 18, 2002.

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    Ok I have a slight problem with my grass catcher. Because the grass has been so tall the last week i have been forced to bag and charge a bit extra. The problem is when I have my bagger on and mowing, the finish cut does not come out totally. It looks as if kittle spots of grass have been burned out on top. When I take my bagger off, it cuts excellent without any burn and the stripe is great. What could be the problem. Mine is a John Deere on a Scag. Does this happen to the rest of you?

    Please Help! I don't think the customers will be to happy anymore.
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    Do the brown spots appear right away? Or does it take a day? Is the browing across the whole lawn - or is it a strip of burned lawn? Does the browing disappear - or grow out? Or does it remain at the tips of the grass?

    My thoughts:

    First, if it takes a day to brown out, make sure you're not putting your catcher into a puddle of oil or gas. The bottom of the catcher may be passing this onto the grass.

    If you're getting striping, check your tire pressure - particularly on your catcher side of the mower. If the catcher gets full of really wet, heavy grass - the right side of the mower may sag a little and you could then be cutting the grass a little lower and might be cutting into the crowns of the grass plant - causing the browning.

    PS - Where are you located in Cleveland?
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    The brown spots appear right away. It is usually on the whole lawn. Yeah your right it only turns brown on the side where the bag travels but it is on the whole blade. I've never used my catcher this much before so I don't know how it will turn out but it never used to have this problem if I recall. I have a small leak in my left wheel but before I cut I pump it up. The other wheel I put a tube in. So what would you suggest?

    I'm from Euclid LawnLad,

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