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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by GallucciLandscaping, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. GallucciLandscaping

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    Well it finally happened to me. I burned a lawn with fertilizer and liquid weed control, definitely not something to be proud of and it is quite embarrassing.

    Here's the details: pulled up to the lawn and it was looking a little stressed and dry but definitely not dormant nor was it brown. I decided I would do my app since we had significant rain in the forecast. I applied 18-0-8 with grub control 40% coated at a rate of .75lb N per 1000. I also spot sprayed for broad leafs throughout the lawn and blanket sprayed the perimeter (since it boarders a weedy field). Received all call today that the lawn was burnt is some areas and really brown/burnt where the wheels of my permagreen drove over the lawn. What gives? We did have a good amount of rain on days 2&3 after my app. None of my other lawns have had any issues? Any thoughts why this might have happened?

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    How About the brown wheel track are from you driving on a dry lawn and breaking the grass off at the crown

    The spots could be from a fungus it has been very humid up till yesterday morning and you put down fert all the condition's were there

    I don't know but a guess
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    This is called "heat tracks". Occurs when wheels go on a wilted grass site. Even a light mower will cause it. Sometimes even footprints. Has nothing to do with fertilizer or weed killer. More prominent if rain occurs after, so that the non-affected grass recovers its green color. It should recover in two weeks.

    Rather mysterious--happens sometimes--other times--no problems.
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  4. GallucciLandscaping

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    Riggle- that was my thinking. I've seen guys do that before with big/heavy zero turn mowers but I didn't think this lawn was anywhere close to being in that bad of shape to have marks from the permagreen. Live and learn

    Charles- I would agree with you about the fungus but it was really hit and miss throughout the lawn. (Big spot here, nothing there, another big spot)

    Thinking off the top of my head.... I'm wondering if the brown spots have a poorer quality of soil/clay/shale and they weren't able to withstand the additional stress from the application?
  5. Yatt

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    I see the same marks frequently on the golf course around the greens when the cretins in carts refuse to drive on the asphalt cart paths because they are too lazy to walk another 50':nono:.
  6. RonWin

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    Maybe the guy turned off his sprinkler system because he also thought that rain in the forecast means it's ok to rely on mother nature to water the lawn into an unnatural healthy color in summer months. I've got some customers who think it's ok to dial back on the watering of their lawns because "there's been so much rain lately"... bs, a lawn needs to be watered regularly or else it's not going to grow, let alone be green. This week's gonna be a hassle with how hot and sunny it's gonna to be, I anticipate a lot of "don't *worry* about coming this week" and "I don't think the grass really needs a cut this week, let's switch over to bi weekly". I won't *worry* because monthly billing contracts are a beautiful thing.
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  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Sounds to me like heat tracks and/or Ascochyta Leaf Blight.

    Customers flip out when they see this. 'Oh my goodness what did you do to my lawn?'

    With good watering, the lawn will bounce totally back in 2-3 weeks. No biggie.

    Good lesson: never treat nor mow any lawn that has widespread stress in it. It is just not worth customers going ape crap on you.
  8. twomancrew

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    Sounds to me like you burned it. How about a link to the label or tell us the brand of that 18-0-8 you were using please. Did you do other lawns that same day? Have you used this product before in the same way on other days?
  9. gebby

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    I mow and apply. This time of year is always tricky. I try my best not to get on a lawn to do anything if it is in the 90's. To each his own but, I only apply 3 times a year. 1 early spring. 1 mid spring. 1 in the fall. If needed spot treat. Seldom do I spot treat. This time of year, I even scratch my head to mow a few places. I've also had those tracks. As mentioned before, a little rain and after it cools off some, the turf will bounce back. I don't have a lot of customers, nor want a lot. I can pick and choose the time of day I want to apply or mow. I do most of my work in the evenings. You guys that have hundreds of accounts, I have no idea how you do it and not have more problems than you have. Hats off to you.
  10. White Gardens

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    I want to know the temperature when you applied.

    Also, did you use a spreader-sticker in the mix?
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