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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grass-scapes, Jul 8, 2003.

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    Even AFTER reading Lawnsite for months, I am still working without a contract on all except one of my properties. I got burned by one apartment complex and am getting ready to pick up a church. I need an easy to understand (for the owner of the property) contract that states mowing price, and extras are extra type of thing. what else do I need? Cancellation clause? Mowing at MY discretion? Payment dates? late fees?

    How do I approach current customers to present this contract? I really need help on this as I don't feel the need to get burned anymore. If you have a contract that you care to share, you can e-mail it to me at

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    when we started using contracts, it was a bit awkward presenting them to current customers. they seemed to take it as an insult, like we were accusing them of perhaps in the future trying to rip us off. but, new customers from that point were required to sign, and return the agreement. after initially discussing the service they desire, etc, i leave with this:" ok i have all the information, ill have the secretary send out the paperwork right away, it contains some of our policies, as well as proof of insurance and licensing, and what type of services we offer, as well as what we will be doing at your property. just be sure to read it over, make copy for yourself, sign the original, and send it in right away." works for me. and, if they give me any "what? contract, what do u mean?" i tell them that this is a requirement from both our insurance carrier, and the dept. of environmental protection, legally we cannot provide service without a written agreement. if we do, and we damage their property, our insurance will not cover it. works every time. to tell you the truth, what i want to say is this, "how do i know your not a deadbeat? id hate to have to come over and do my midnight collections if you dont pay...."

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