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Burned Out

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by Gilla Gorilla, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Gilla Gorilla

    Gilla Gorilla LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 923

    Hello everyone,

    I just found this website a couple of days ago and love it
    already. I am in the automotive business and have been for
    10 years now. Currently I am a service advisor for three years
    and previously a technician for six years. Of the customers that
    I deal with on a daily basis most of them are pretty easy and
    have good attitudes, but there is an increasing amount that just
    wear me down on a daily basis. I guess what im getting at is
    that I just am getting burned out on the automotive business and
    c@##y customers that do not understand that I did not build the
    product nor did the company that I work for.
    I have been researching and doing my home work about this business for the last couple of months. I have sold my Harley that is paid off and have $13000.00 from it. I do not plan on spending all of it to start off and want to make sure that I have some set aside because I know that I am not going to be making close to the money that I make now once I start my business up this season.
    I am meeting with a CPA this week to discuss a business plan
    and about them taking care of my taxes and helping me be
    a sucess story instead of you reading my ads for selling my
    I have read alot of threads about people coming and going all the time in this business but it is something that I have loved doing for over 12 years and only wish that I would have started my own business 10 years ago instead of getting into the auto
    business and waiting for now to get started.
    I guess I am looking for some advise in equipment to buy
    starting out with. I have a line on a 2002 Exmark Metro with
    the ecs controls and around 100 hours on it and a bagger. The guy is asking $1400.00. I also have a poloun trimmer and a Home Depot bought walk behind edger, yes I did say Home Depot. lol
    If anyone could give me some advise if this mower sounds
    like a good price I would appreciate that. Also any other
    advise on what brand of backpack blower to get, that would be

    Thanks and sorry for writting so much

  2. kootoomootoo

    kootoomootoo LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,369

    Sounds like a nice deal on the mower. I no longer mow but when
    you have 20 lawns to do on a friday and your el cheapo equip
    shits itself and lets you down you will like most guys on here realize the importance of quality equipment.
  3. GrassGator

    GrassGator LawnSite Member
    Messages: 13

    I have an Exmark 42" rider for the larger lawns which also allows me to get through most of the back yard gates that are 48" wide. Also have a 36 Exmark ECS walk behind for the narrow gates and smaller lawns. Stick tools are all Shindaiwa that are excellent low maintenance and dependable. Kootoomootoo was right,..a little more investment in quality equipment will save you a lot of expense in the Excedrin department of your local drug store! :)
  4. 65hoss

    65hoss LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,360

    That is a very good price on the mower. I would buy it right now.

    I always preach "don't overextend" on startups. Build it up as the business builds. Buy good quality comm'l grade equipment and only buy it ONCE. Hope you enjoy your new career.
  5. AL Inc

    AL Inc LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,209

    Justin, congratulations on your career change. This is a great place to start learning and getting advice. Like Hoss said, I found it best not to over-extend and also to buy quality to begin with. I have made lots of mistakes in this business and learned some things the hard way.
    I don't mean this to be discouraging at all, but you will have the same customer BS in the landscape business, and being an owner now, more headaches. There are times I really envy people who can leave work and go home, and not have a pile of paperwork and 15 phone messages waiting.
    Anyway good luck, it is always easy to get out of bed in the morning when you enjoy the work that you do. Mike
  6. BigEd

    BigEd LawnSite Senior Member
    from MD
    Messages: 299

    Exmark does not manufacturer a 42 inch deck.
  7. Gilla Gorilla

    Gilla Gorilla LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 923

    Thanks everybody for the replies.

    Al inc, I average between 30 to 50 voice mails a day at work
    rite now so that should be nothing new.

    I added a new thread if any of you wants to take a look at it.
    And by the way I did get the mower for $1300.00 today. The guy
    had not run it for 8 months and it would not start for a damn but
    after cleaning the plug off it starts on the first pull.

    Thanks alot again and hope you all have a profitable upcoming


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