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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by lawnhelp5, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. lawnhelp5

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    in september, i bought 5000 sq.ft. of sod. the weather was suppose to be great, but ended raining all week. the sod ended up sitting on pallets for most of the week, laying down rows whenever the weather gave way. i noticed as time passed, the sod was steaming and hot. i finally finished laying down the sod and watered it just like i was suppose to, now 4 months later i have dry/burned patches on half of my yard. i am not sure if the sod is ruined, if so, what can i do to repair it?
  2. topsites

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    Have you tried contacting the vendor?
  3. crzymow

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    Not really much you can do. If you ever do sod again, you need to get it down as soon as possible..The best thing you can do now is either start over or cut out bad spots and patch sod back in. Could topdress and seed over it, but that wont really look as good. The vendor has nothing to do with the sod being dried out or burnt, sitting on the pallets is what did it.
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    Sounds like the edges of the sod dried out and shrunk.When planting those seams have to be seated together tightly. Pickup a corner of the sod to see if it has rooted properly.During planting water is essential. The rolls probably cooked on the skid.Pics would help a little. Verticuting and topdressing like crzymow saidcould help as long as the grass seed gets matched up.
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    You have to install sod, asap no matter what! We have installed it in rain/mud 6 inches deep, it was pure hell, the suction of sinking on each step was as labor intensive as barrowing concrete uphill! Bottom line, we got it installed. You may be able to nurse that sod back with lots of care and a little luck! Next time' you get it installed, no matter what!!
  6. jeffscap

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    Lawn king said the magic words. Install asap. It's not a wait and see job .
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    When march gets here run thru it with a powerseeder at 6 pounds a thousand , hit it with starter fert. at about 4 pounds a thousand an water like a mad man ! see ya george

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