burned stripes from tires in lawn

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by EARTH5, Aug 22, 2010.

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    I have a very important client that has irrigation and we mowed last week. when i came this week and there are burn marks all over the lawn everywhere the tires and velke hit. i have heard that it could be stress and it could be fertilizer released as the wheels hit it.. it is very dry here and the lawns are mostly burned everywhere, however they claim they are using their irrigation. They also told me they put on irrigation themselves manually and not on a timer. this makes me feel they are not adaquatly watering... we have over 250 lawn accts and this has only happened to 2 of them.... whats the deal?? thank you for all the help in advance....:confused:
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    Irrigation certainly helps relieve the stress, but when it becomes so hot, and there is an extraordinary amount of nitrogen introduced into the plant, there is that much more stressed. Turns are always the most susceptible as a certain amount of pulling and tearing occurs (crushing the already stretched cell structure of the plant), but it can even happen in straight runs if the turf is stressed enough.
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    I would go with inadequate irrigation. The lawn would almost have to be crispy dry though, for the wheels to produce kill spots. Is it a heavy thatch, or compacted soil, situation?

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