Burning bridges over $15?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by drsogr, Jul 3, 2004.

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    Here is the deal. I bought a used stihl blower off of Ebay and I couldn't get it started. I later realized that I was flooding out the engine. (thanks lawnsite) . But before I realized this I pulled off the spark plug and thought it must have been rigged up because of the little paper clip looking thing going into the cut off wire. Bad setup, in my opinion. So I figured I would pull off the spark plug wire and get a new one. Due to my lack of knowledge in small engines, I didn't realize that the wire is tied into the coil. And if you pull out the wire from the coil, your s.o.l. So I went into town to look for the whole assemble, went to my normal guy first, he didn't have it. So I went across town, waited for 15 min for service, he said he didn't have it, but he could fix it for $15. So I gave it to him, and he told me 1 to 2 days. Geesh. So I left and I figured I would give him 2 days, they seemed slow and unorganized. I called today Saturday, July 3rd. I call at 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., then I decide to just drive there, 30 mins away, I figured they were just too busy to answer their phone. Nope, they were closed. No hours posted, no sign saying we are closed, nothing. I have called all day, I figure they must have tooken the whole weekend off. So I decided to call another place to see if they had what I needed and they did, so I went and paid $35 for a new assemble. Now come Monday or Tuesday what should I do? Should I go pay for the assembly that I told him to fix, even though he didn't make me aware that he would be gone all weekend, and I would be without my machine? Or should I explain to him what I think he did wrong, and tell him to just keep the part? I don't care for this business, but they are one of 4 people in the area that carry Stihl parts. What if one day he actually has a part I need? What do you think?
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    I think you should give him two days and if he still hasn't fixed it, then you have a complaint. When someone in business says two days, most folks assume two business days. Did you assume he was including Saturday as a work day? You may have made the wrong assumption.

    You told him you'd pay him $15 to fix it. You should pay him if he's got it fixed when you go back in.

    Just my opinion.

    DFW Area Landscaper
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    The problem is not that it didn't take him 2 business days, the problem is that he was not open on Saturday, and didn't bother to tell me that they weren't going to be open on Saturday. So 2 business days, turns into 5 days!
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    ya that sux some guys are like that around hear 2 but MY dealer has a huge poster in his windoe he will be closed and that i droped something off on tusday he said be reddy by wesday morin but if u dont get hear i will be closed 2,3,4,5 just as FYI
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    What I have found, it is best to ASK, when dealing with suppliers or customers, clarify what day they mean by two days. This is probably going to really crank you up, but most of the businesses around here are going to be closed Monday also, and if he is counting Tuesday as one of the repair days, you may not see your machine until Wednesday.
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    pay the 15 buck if he fixed it and keep the part you will need it down the line and you will proubly need him if they are like the ones down hear i allways have to go all over to find the right part

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