Burnishing the electric clutch

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by rock creek, Sep 21, 2004.

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    I have purchased a Mini Z with a 23 Kaw and 52 deck. It is awesome and seems very rugged. I have 100 hours on it and the cut is fantastic with regular Hustler blades at any speed I can make with the unit. I had a question whether it was worthwhile to purchase a commercial unit and surmised that it would be worth it but I had no idea how effective and easy to use the machine would be. Unfortunately I bought the unit before I discovered this forum or I would have been a lot better informed and confident that I was buying the best. My question is: What does the unit manual mean by advising you to "burnish the electric clutch" for best performance? How do you do it? I have read the instructions in the manual about cycling the clutch after setting the gap but I am confused about where the gap is accessed and precisely how you cycle it. Any specific advice about why this needs to be done and how to do it would be appreciated.
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    I assume you have a new style clutch on a new unit.The clutch on the unit units are self adjusting. SO you don't have to worry about adjust them. burnish is really break in in the clutch in simple terms. needs to be done on a new clutch. It just cycling the clutch to clean the surfaces.
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    The clutch should have been burnished before you bought your mower. This is done by the dealer after the mower is prepaired for sale. Its running the engine at 3/4 throttle ingauging the blade clutch for 15 seconds, cutting it off waiting 15 seconds and doing it again for a total of ten times. Takes about 5 minutes total. No need for you to worry about doing it yourself.
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    Your unit was burnished before it left the factory.

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