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    Charles hit the nail on the head (haven't I written that before?? Chuck and I run a very similar operation, it would seem... :) ), and Kirby's follow-up was right as rain. If you're a full week behind schedule because of weather then, by god, you're back on schedule! Lucky!<p>To recap: Schedule a 5-day work week max. M-F works for me, since my wife is off weekends, too. Catch up on Saturday morning, if necessary, or do some side work then if you're up to it. Generally, give yourself more weekends off then on.<p>Bill monthly, and don't adjust your billing for &quot;missed weeks&quot;. Rain happens, man, and you still have to mow that mess when it stops. It evens out. <p>In six years, I've had burnouts that would blow your mind. Nothing is worse. Starting year 2000, I made a conscious effort to log my work week and do stuff around my house or out and about with my wife on weekends. The difference is amazing. I'm a new man!<p>Good luck, Cash! Keep votin' GOP!<p>-TGC
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    If i were in your situation, i would keep someone extra on backup with an extra mower and trailer to do some of the work to get back on schedule. Hope this helps.<p>----------<br>Todd Maurer<br>
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    I used to be in your postion.Cutting 6 days a week 10-12hrs/day. Stressed big-time when we got 2days of rain. I have gradually cut back on quantity of lawns. 2 1/2 -3 days of cutting wed-fri reserved for cutting. Mon. and Tues. for maintenance and other work. Saturday is a buffer incase we get behind on lawns or to catch up on side jobs. Customers are happy there lawns look good for the weekend and I am a lot less stressed and don't get burned out so soon in the season. I can actually schedule some time off for a weekend with the family. Also seam to be making more $$$
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    We work Sundays (some of the guys) for one reason....Commercials! This is the day we do our medical plazas and professional centers. It is so nice to be able to drop a gate in the center of the complex and be able to mow without worry of getting grass on cars, and to be able to work around the buildings without shutting down every 45 seconds while people are walking out of everywhere. This way, they're all cut fresh for the work week and everyone's happy.:)
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    As others have said, money does you little good if you're in rehab or psych ward from burnout & breakdown.<br>I would pick out enough of your lousiest accts & either hire a helper to run that (or any) route to give you a day off, or drop the worst accts. Learned full schedule of stress is not worth the extra money.<br>I also take Sundays off to attend church. Keeps my priorities in line & the good Lord will take care of the rest, & in the past has given me better accts. so I can make same amt of $$ with fewer accts. <br>When the rain gets you behind, be thankful you still have job security. I'd much rather have that than the alternative- drought & NO work. Good luck, & don't forget to get away every once in awhile.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
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    When I get burnt out on the business I go over to my favorite customer's house and go skinny dipping with the customer, her daughter, my partner, our helper and we just forget about our woes. Works for me. And yes, I am serious.<p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>GrassRoots Lawn Care, Florida
  8. I treat Sat and Sunday just like any other day of the week. If work needs to be done<br>and it's not raining I work. I must take advantage of fair weather.
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    Eh... I would never treat Saturday and Sunday like 'every other day of the week'. I've gone that road before and it turns you into a bitter cynic. ;)<p>Runner has the right idea about Sunday, though, if you have those commercial accounts that are better done when no one is home. I would make that up with Monday (or whatever day is best) off. <p>My days off are easy. My wife works Monday through Friday, with weekends and holidays off, so I make my schedule the same. I'm more relaxed than I have ever been, and I tend to get more done during the week. We get nights, weekends, and holidays together. Good plan.<p>I'll be working this Saturday, however, because of my vacation. I'll have about 3-4 hours of work to make up because of overgrowth (and because I took Monday off when I got back to put things back in order). Every so often, a Saturday morning at work doesn't kill. Just be careful not to get caught up in that or, as I have in the past, you'll find yourself back into the 6-7 day work week, stressed, and ready to go postal...<p>-TGC
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    I'm a husband/wife team (with young children) with occasional helper (if I can find them) with other areas of business expanding. Working 7 days a week, 5-6 days mowing and 7th day working on other projects. HELP! Any suggestions are welcome.

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