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Burns my biscuits


LawnSite Member
Mid Michigan
The other week I learned a lady from our church was in the hospital sick. Her lawn had gooten too long so my son and I stopped by when she was in the hospital and mowed the lawn free of charge because it needed to be done. Any ways she called and thanked me. Well she is out of the hospital and today I drive by and some other guy is mowing her yard some kid caddy corner to her. He was zipping down the side yard on a sulky blowing grass all over the street. I would have not changed originally mowing the lawn but I would have liked to have been considered for the contract. It would have been a good break into the neighborhood.:mad:


LawnSite Fanatic
Nope, but it's just like I've been saying, you bust your tail for these people and then they call someone else without even thinking of you. It shouldn't be a big deal, but truth be known, if it appears that the Lco doing it now could be doing it for less, that don't bother me, more so if it's a neighborhood kid, I'm ok with that.

What gets me is when they decide to spend some real money, and they call a full-fledged outfit (and no it ain't you lol), and it's not like that just once here or there, it is like that every single time, THAT is what eats me.

It's one of the reasons why today I run a company, not a charity.


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Is that what you call it?
Tell you what, you come over here to the East Coast and work it for a bit, I can tell you it is one fouled up attitude runs from Florida to Maine all the way up and down the coast. If you want to do it right, I'd start in New York City, that way you cut right to the chase, no (fake) southern hospitality to throw you off.

Even 100 miles west of here it's not so bad, and you really only notice it when you first get here, as I remember. Then you think to yourself, and you wonder why is everyone here act this way, it's so hard, so cold, everybody is so cruel, ruthless they are... But it doesn't take long, it's something with this rat race mentality, at least that's what I call it, soon you see why they act the way they do, and you have no choice: Either become one of them, or suffer mercilessly.

Ever been to Utah? It's the same thing in a nutshell, you either become a mormon, or suffer mercilessly.
Not sure what things are like in California, but I do miss the relaxation of tension out west, that I miss.

Then again maybe you're better than me, I can accept that.


LawnSite Bronze Member
You had a good heart and did the right thing, something nice for someone else. You were thinking of others unlike so many now days. Don't sour the taste of your good deed. In the end someone may find out about it and want you to do their business, home or something, maybe you will pick up a better account unexpectedly. Don't sweat this, I know it may be hard but in the end you will likely come out ahead.


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down under
What you saw was probally her regular LCO mowing her lawn, he might have got there the day after you mowed it and said WTF its been mowed, how come i was not informed :confused: :rolleyes: