Burrowing Rodents

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by HHH, Mar 3, 2006.

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    I am looking for any input from folks that may be involved in trying to control underground critters.(Moles, gophers,ect.) The Rodinator Pro that is talked about in Feb. issue of TURF sounds like a cool deal. My concerns are primarily can it be used in a residential environment? Can it be used safely in a small area, maybe some type of ground cover over the area that is going to be exploded? Any one with first hand experience (do's & don'ts) would sure be appreciated.
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    My fert guy has one, and told me that they do not use them in residential areas any more... after noticing that a burrow went right up to a home, and completely covering the roof of the home in shredded bark from the planting beds, not to mention the 5 neighbors or so who ran outside with their phones ready to call 911.lol
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    OMG you have to be kidding? This looks like the rig I made out of my oxy/acetylene torch and a spark gap inserted in the rat holes by the canal. I used this and had 8 police cars show up in 15 minutes! Luckily I had put away the torch and denied any knowledge of what happened. The rats were gone for sure, but the next time we went after them it was with clorine gas from an electrolysis set up....

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