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Bury stumps?


LawnSite Member
Moncton, NB
Have 2.75 acre lot on side hill. Most mature trees harvested last year though branches, tree tops and stumps remain to be cleared.

One option offered was to dig a pit at bottom of lot to harvest rock for building base for driveway and bury stumps and brush in the pit when done.

Is this a common practice? Are there any problems with this approach? Can I end up with soil subsistence?



LawnSite Member
I would not bury them. The previous person that owned my house did this when he cleared the poperty. As the wood decays you are left with holes where the land settles. I have 2 areas I've had to fill with topsoil and reseed twice in the 9 years I've lived here.


LawnSite Senior Member
Western NC
I am from North Carolina and have always been told that burying stumps or brush is illegal in my state. I have never researched it though, just never done it. Always just burned them or have them ground up.


LawnSite Member
Its common practice here to bury stumps on the lot they came from. Do not shake all the dirt out of the roots , and pack dirt in with the stumps as you bury them . Bury them in a spot you dont expect to build on later in time and you will be all set.


LawnSite Silver Member
transition zone
It takes stumps years to decay when buried. We have an old sawmill site on our property that was in oeration back in the 1940's, You can still dig in that area and find old slabs and lumber. As long as the wood is sealed off from oxygen, it will last for years, but once the air hits those wood slabs, they rot and fall apart in a matter of months.

I dont know about Nc, but it is quickly becomeing illegal just about everywhere to bury stumps. If stumps are buried on home sites, the sites are supposed to be surveyed and the bury site identified on the survey plat. Nobody does it, but it can become a major issue if a future property owner purchases the property several years down the road and finds a dumpsite where they had intended to build their new garage. Just food for thought.