Burying drainage tube near utility lines

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by CK82, Jul 6, 2009.

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    Hey guys. I have a project to bury about 100ft. total of drain tube from two downspouts. There is a large utility box and one smaller box nearby, and I am almost certain that it will interfere with the burial of the tubing. Any suggestions here to complete this project?! In the picture attached, the tubing will be connected to the downspout in the upper left and will go down the hill (further to the upper left of the picture) I should be alright with the gas line (not certain yet thought). The problem is that about 20/25ft. out of the picture to the left there are the utility boxes that i would imagine have wiring running into this building in at least one area.

    I cannot bring the grade up here, and go over the utilities as a result of the building sitting fairly low as is. Any suggestions would help, besides telling me to forget about it.


    Picture 022.jpg
  2. GreenLight

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    Not trying to be a wise a%%, but Line location is generally a free service performed everywhere. Obviously it doesn't keep you from hitting the wires, but it helps tremendously in knowing where they are.
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    X2 maybe its just the way you wrote it but sounds like you havent thought about having locates done. In a job like this it is a must. Here in mn you call 611 and go through the process then companies will come mark all utilities for you within 2 days. It won't tell you how deep but will tell you where the line is within 2 ft they say. Then go ahead and trench (asuming thats what your doing) and hand dig aroundand under the utility lines where marked.
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    A couple of times on jobsites, I've been present when they marked the utilities and sometimes they can find out how deep it is if they have the right locator to do so.

    Like the other replies, you at least need to know where the generally are at, and you might be able to work around them, or find them easily.
  5. AWJ Services

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    It is called a shovel.

    Get the utilities located and hand dig across the utilities.
    Hope you alloted appropriate time and labor for this.:)
  6. ryde307

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    Most have the ability to read depth but the locator is not suposed to realse that info some will if you are there and ask but wont count on it.
    Really not much way around it besides the good ole shovel.
  7. AWJ Services

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    In Georgia it is against the law to use mechanised equipment within 2 foot of the utility and the marking company only as to be within 2 feet of the mark either way so that leads to a pretty big area that you have to hand shovel so even if you are told it is 3 ft deep you will still have to find it to visibly verify the depth unless you just want to hope you do not hit it.

    I cross utilities everyday with 30+inch wide trenches.
    Trust me you always need to find the utility first.
  8. Junior M

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    You said everything I was thinking of saying once I opened this thread..

    And awj, I thought you just had to dig to your depth within that 4 to 6ft and if it wasnt within that 4 to 6ft at your depth and you hit it outside of that area it isnt your problem?
  9. AWJ Services

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    I think we are saying the same thing.
    What happens if the locator is off 2 foot from utility with the mark and you then give the mark a 2 foot tolerance then that means you could hit the utilities if you dig within the 2 foot from the utility tolerance.
    So anytime you hit the utilities digging close to the mark you can be held responsible that is why potholing is necassary.
    But if mark is 10 foot off then that is a different story.

    Each state has different laws so I would suggest you become familar with them.
    Luckily I do not do much work in the downtown Atlanta area because I heard some parts of it are like a spiderweb of utilities in the ground.
  10. Junior M

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    yeah, I think so to.

    But my question was, lets say you are digging drainage and you only have to be say 2ft deep within that 4 to 6ft, do you dig to your depth and stop in that 4 to 6ft or do you over dig?

    Here you dig 2ft on each side of the marking, I am asking about the depth(I know its different in each state) because I've never heard anyone address it when talking about locates.

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