Bus Cards left at Local Businesses?


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I have a few local businesses allowing me to leave mini postcards (yes I meant mini) at their place of business. One of them is a very popolar sandwich shop, another is where I get my hair done, massage therapy, and an antique shop. Idea is to print out cards probably 2.5x3 with my doorhangers info on them.

My question is:
Has anyone else done this and if so what has been the response you have gotten? All of these places are high traffic areas and I know the owners of all of them, so they are putting them right by the cash register in a easy to see place.....


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i have left some at my friends moms ags station and get 3 or 4 calls out of 25 cards that are missing


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We have some scattered at different places in town. You won't get a lot of response but it's a fairly inexpensive easy way to get your name out there.


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Hit places like your local greenhouses and farm market. That is when people have that "mindset", and will be more likely to call you. The "massage therapist" place is a good idea, because these are the type of people who tend to spend money. They like having services done for them. Some of the pricier restaurants are a good way to go, too.


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I have a great client that works at a local and well-known retail nursery. She hands out my business cards to people expressing interest in paid landscape/maintenance services.

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