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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ChadA, May 31, 2005.

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    I did a mulch job sunday. (Pics are in the pictures forum) Well anyway the price went up through out the job because she kept wanting us to do extra work. Extra work = more money right. So the final price was $600, The job was quoted at $450. Well she wasn't at all happy with the new price and made that very clear. Anyway she paid and that was that. I get a call today from her saying she wants me to send her a reciept and my bus. License # and insurance # because her husband works for the IRS and he likes to keep all of his reciepts. Now I always send a reciept in the mail after the checks have cleared with a letter thanking them for choosing us to do the work, Just PR stuff.
    I have no problem sending her all the stuff she requested. I'm licensed and insured and I pay my taxes. Its just the way she said it was like she was up to no good. Am I required to send any of this stuff she asked for other than a reciept.
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    If you're a business you should have a tax ID#, if you're not incorporated, you would use your SS#. They would want your SS# if you're not a business and they want to send you a 1099 at the end of the year. If you are a business, you've already collected taxes and they don't need to do anything.

    That said, I've never gotten a tax ID number from any company that has done work for me. I could them wanting proof of insurance BEFORE a job, but not after.

    I would just send them your standard receipt. It sounds a little wierd. I'm sure you are not REQUIRED to send it.
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    Who would "require" you to do this? They can't force you to do any of that nonsense. She was most likely trying to scare you, thinking you don't have a licence or insurance.

    What was the extra work that ammounted to $150? And this was work that was definately not agreed upon? She seems to be pretty steamed over the extra charge.
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    Hi ChadA,

    This doesn't sound like a problem.

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