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  1. T.L.C. Lawn Service

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    I am looking into some bush hog business... Does anyone have an idea what the going rate is for a bush hog. Or do they charge hourly...I have 2 bids coming up tommarrow and was just wondering how much to charge per acre?
  2. Prime Seasons

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    TLC Man:

    This probably will make most people laugh, but...

    My business is primarily focused on lawn maintenance. However, I do have some customers from time to time ask me to clear cut/brush hog cert properties. They range in size from 5,000 to 86,000 sq ft.

    Now don't laugh too much here. I bought a dilapidated old 1963 LI two wheel gravely lawn tractor with a 30" saucer type deck. Man, this thing has only a 6.6 hp Studebaker motor, but it is really geared for torque. The thing devours grass & small trees up to 1 1/4" dia. and shreds to a pouree. In my area, I charge $50/hr (with minimum rate) for this and can clear about 1 acre per hour depending. I would never bid on fields or road sides, but can take care of lot sizes without much fuss.

    Does this help?
  3. John DiMartino

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    I have done a few jobs,mostly for realtors who let the lawn turn into a field and need it mowed down.I charge 100-200an acre and clear up to 2" for this price,if there are lots of junk or stones I wont do them.I have ruined 2 front tires and done damage to mant blaeds ,even the breakaways will snap if you hit something right.I figure that into the price if its rough,I use a 32HP ford 1910 4x4with a 5ft woods brushhog.It has a loader,so i can use float to feel for any big rocks or rip out small trees and roots with it,so i can stop before the hog hits it.i can usually do about 1-2 acres an hour with it,depending on how smooth it is and the# of trees to go around.
  4. tony58

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    Prime Seasons
    You won't make me laugh because I use a 1965 7.6 h.p. Gravely.I use mine for clearing lots and mowing ditches.Mine has a 30''mower and dual wheels,it will go any where.It is an amazing machine to be so old.
  5. accuratelawn

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    I use a guy for brush work. He charges me $30 per hour. Tw0 hour min. Tractor with 6 foot brush hog.
  6. LiVe2

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    I try to make about 15+ an acre I use a John Derre 4630 with a 15 foot batwing

  7. Guido

    Guido LawnSite Silver Member
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    $15 an acre?? I guess $15 is doable for you with a batwing, but I think you can be making more, no ?? We use those JD batwings for our airfields, so I know how fast you can clear an acre out!

  8. jimsmowin

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    i use 6ft. woods on 27hp. 4wd cub cadet, charge $20. per acre can mow on average 2.5 acres per hour., how ever you need to look at job before quoting price. always a minium as in $50.00. hight of field, terrian, access, and so on
  9. cos

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    I did a brush hog job and it is very hard to look at a job and see what amount of time it will take you. I usually bid the job fairly and throw a couple extra bucks on top cause jobs like that your gonna almost always run into problems ( no matter what they might be) DONT GET SCREWED.....Sometimes its more worth not doing the job than losing your shirt.
  10. southside

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    Best to sub out that sort of work. Hourly rate here is $40-
    $65 p/h (AUD). Over here to run a 5' slasher(bush hog) you
    need about 50-55hp with 75hp needed for 6'. I have a 50hp
    Deutz with a 5' Superior slasher. I can flatten stuff up
    to 6" in diameter.Check out Guidos pics. If you sub it out
    to a slashing contractor,he will be able to give you a price
    on the spot,usually. I've said it before,leave this work
    to the guys who do it all the time. It isn't as easy as it looks and a lot of guys here get killed doing this work.


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