Bush Hog VS Exmark

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Woods, Jun 2, 2004.

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    Hi guys i'm new to this site an me an my father have been mowing commercialy for about 4 years now we have more yards than we know what to do with we just cant say no to any one that is our problem my dad bought a brand new Exmark lazer Z 60'' deck with the 23 horse kohler on it 4 years ago when we started we have had a couple of older john deeres an they just dont cut it so we ran across a bush hog Front mount deck 54'' 20 horse kohler with the double wheel kit an the weight kit in the back we think were are going to buy it an i was wondering do these bush hogs even come close to the machine our exmark is? I would really like to have your oppion Thanks
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    I demoed the Exmark, Toro, and the midmount Bush Hog ZTR. I bought the Bush Hog M2561. It is every bit the machine the other 2 are, and I got it for $7250 out the door. You will not be disappointed. Quite a savings over the other 2. Buy the Hog and use the extra money to purchase other things.

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