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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dugann, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Dugann

    Dugann LawnSite Member
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    I am about to buy a Bush Hog zero turn in morning. Okay I know it not going have the commercial warranty etc. I plan on keeping it 2 years and after this year as a back up to a main one. It is small enough that I can use on reg lawns, yet fast enough to cut time on my larger lawns. For me to me this is huge investment. 18,300 FPM blade speed, 42 inch cut 19Hp :( briggs rather a koler or kawie. magstop electromagnetic 105 ft lbs. Like I said I know this is not a caddy, but the deck is tough, the warranty is decent, and if it breaks down, they can fix it locally and asap or give me a loaner. I was wanting to find a good used to get me through till next year. But I feel this will be a better option. Thoughts on bush hog zero turn mowers? anyone use? Thanks in advance.
  2. tacoma200

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    My friend has one good one and one the dealer can't figure out how to fix. I try to stay with the top 5 or so sellers of ZTR's which would exclude Bush Hog. This is just my opinion.
  3. dago52

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    I have never used one, but my friend is a dealer and he likes them. I looked it over when I was over there and I like it. It looks to be a well built machine and I would but one if the price was a little lower. Even though his is a mutual friend, he is not giving me that much discount. I would ask the dealer to let you demo the unit and try it yourself. Remember, the support after the sale is the most important part of the sale.

    Good Luck
  4. tb8100

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    from TX
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    I agree with your logic, but what exactly are the top 5? Isn't that pretty hotly disputed?
  5. tacoma200

    tacoma200 LawnSite Fanatic
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    I've seen a list before but I have forgotten. Then again do you lump Toro and Exmark together? They are basically the same machine. Last time I checked Exmark was on top by far sales wise with Scag trailing. Hustler has gained marked share but I don't know where they are right now. John Deere is growing fast. Lots of great ZTR's out there I have a lot of confidence in. One trip to the Expo and you quickly see which ones get the most attention. Bad Boy is just getting started but they put on a good show 2 years ago.

    I probably shouldn't have stated a solid number such as 5.

    But brands like Woods, Bush Hog, etc don't appeal to me. I think quality control and research and development is often better with larger company's. They just have more money.

    1. Exmark
    2. Scag
    3. Toro
    4. Dixie
    5. John Deere

    That would be a wild guess. I'm sure Gravely, Ferris, Cub, Hustler etc sell a lot of units. Lots of underrated ZTR's like Grasshopper that are very strong in this area. I'm sure I left out lots of great brands. I was ranking them on what I thought would be the top in commercial sales not necessarily quality. I probably missed it on one or two, I feel Cub sells a lot of ZTRs.
  6. montiac30

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    You might try a Grasshopper 100 series.I Got mine in FT smith for 5200 out the door.24hp ELS Briggs 48" deck.Seems to be built very well.Love it so far
  7. MJB

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    I was just looking at them today and if I can I will demo one with the mulching deck before I make another purchase of Exmark or Hustler.
    I know my dealer here in town that carries them provides excellent support, and is the local Massy Ferguson dealer, Echo dealer, Honda etc. I would be comparing the the Professional series with the 61" deck 16cc hydro gear pumps, 30 hp Kohler, or the 28efi Kohler to my Hustler and Lazer Z. This thing looks like my next mower unless I find something wrong with it. I see they even come with the suspension seat. 3 yrs warranty commercial instead of 2.
  8. Dugann

    Dugann LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for all the info guys. /bow.
  9. TomberLawn

    TomberLawn LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Judging by the specs you gave, it looks like you're talking about the Home Series. This will probably last you a good two years. The spec sheet at http://www.bushhog.com/ContentFiles/Documents/Specs/HSZTM.pdf looks pretty good for a home owner type machine. The Intek is a decent engine, 8 gallon fuel capacity is amazing on a mower that small, and 11 gauge deck is pretty good. Bush Hog has a name to live up to, so I doubt they would put out something that is complete junk. I would trust this mower coming from a dealer more than a Deere EZ-Trak from Lowes or Home Depot.
  10. cutsit

    cutsit LawnSite Member
    from MO
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    I have been looking at the ES2052 model.

    I like the 22" drive tires which are larger than the competition. That should make for a smoother ride. This model also has a Kohler motor which is a plus.

    The downside is a 10ga deck.

    I am seriously considering the Bush Hog, Hustler Fast Track, Bad Boy and Scag. The Hustler is the most expensive at $5k plus tax.

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