Bush Hog ZTR slow, unresponsive controls

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jan 22, 2008.

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    I have a friend with two Bush Hog ZTR's. One is a 73" with a 27 Kohler and the controls are fast and responsive. He liked it so well be bought a second one, a 61" with the 27 Kohler. To his surprise the second one (61") seems to be very slow and sluggish compared to the first one. He commented that it felt like it had play in the linkage (everything was tightened at the dealer) but everything checked out fine at the dealer. They have tightened the hydraulic belt played with the valves and the dealer says that's just the way it is. So my friend isn't very happy with the performance of the second unit. He talks as though it is night and day getting off the first unit and getting on the second unit. Of course I'm relaying this information second hand so I just thought there maybe someone that had some idea's why the two machines preformed so differently? I don't have the model #'s or any other info at this time but I will try to get it.
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    With it being this cold, my Hustlers are mighty sluggish. After a while, the oil heats up and they get much better but it does take a while.

    Other than that, if everything checks out, I don't know.:confused:
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    This guy had the problem all Summer and both units are same brand, engine size, etc. One is fast and responsive and the other slow, dealer says that's just the way it is after trying to fix it.
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    I just bought a bush hog unfortunately...I'm not real happy with it at all..but anyways i think they changed to a new pump this year with that new design i could be wrong though. Mine is a 55" with a 25 Kawi and is very responsive almost over sensitive. Only thing i could think is the difference in wheel motors.

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    Yes, that is something I need to find out? He just ask me to try to get some Idea's. I guess I'll have to figure out if the models are basically identical, same pumps and motors. I posted this on short notice because he was needing some information. I'll try to find out more information so maybe we could narrow it down or see if maybe the second ZTR is a different model or class. It may take me a while but I'll post more info as I can get it. Thanks!

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