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Marathon, WI
I am getting a new Land Pride 72" rotary cutter to use behond my Kubota L3800. I should have it soon. I am in central WI and have to give a quote to our city for a areaof about 8 acres to be mowed off. About half is a realatively smoothe field with little to know stones or rough areas. The other half has soenm bigger rocks here and there and a few rough areas. Nothing to major really, just areas to take my time and watch close. Then, there is a stretch of high grass on the side of a fairly steep hill around part of the perimeter of the flat field areas. I figured originally around 650-$700. Does that sound about right? I have to go slow in the rougher half and on the hill, but can go a little quicker on the other half thats in better shape. Let me know what you think. I have a couple pictures of the hill, but cant figure out hwo to insert them.



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I try to get around $75 per hr while bush hogging. I've got a 30 hp new holland with a 60" brushbull. I mow a field that has a few obstacles but fairly flat and easy, I charge $250, takes me 3 hrs. I think I can average about an acre an hour. From NH
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