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Bush Trimming

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Yep, another bush trimming thread. This is the job I did today. I was slated to trim the whole yard later this week, but she was cited by the city for blocking the sidewalk. Real pain in the butt with all the thorns.

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Not that I'm the expert Bush Trimmer...

But when you prune hedges, try to slope them outward as you go down. Being wider at the bottoms lets those branches get some sun. Other wise, the bottom will start to die off over time.;)
Originally posted by mtdmaster
Boy, I've never heard of that. Usually people want bushes that slope the other way, in from top to bottom.

Sir, now you have from a few of us. But why take my word for it? I'm just a Boy on the computer. Go take some Horticulture classes, or get a book and read it and see for your self.

Then you could offer your customers a better service and explain the benefits.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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