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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by josh2006, Apr 11, 2007.

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    I have about 12 acres of pasture grass that I am going to start mowing this year. The land is pretty rough so I don't want to even attempt mowing it with my regular zero turn. I plan to mow it once a month so it will be rather tall at times as well. I currently have a 4 wheeler and am contemplating buying a trail mower to pull behind it (such as the swisher 60in trail mower). This would cost me ~1300 dollars or so. However, I have no experiance with these types of mowers and dont know how well they would do with tall grass and that much land. My other option would be to buy an older used tractor with a bushhog to mow which is going to be at least 3000 dollars. Also, riding on the ATV is much more comfortable then being on any tractor for an extended period of time. So those who know anything about trailmowers, what do you suggest?
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    Check out the field mowers from Kunz engineering or the commercial units from polaris.
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    Kunz mowers are good, heavy built mowers, I have one, its for sale (lost the contract I was using it on). I would stay away from anything that has the swisher brand on it-Cheap pos homeowner junk imho. You'd be better off getting a grey market kubota and a used bush hog, if things are really rough.

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    Bushhaug makes a pull behind mower,i had one very tough in high grass it did bog down but it would cut any thing.

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