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  1. Joel B.

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    I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting a little tired of people (LGF) putting down "BushHogBoy". Yes, his equipment might not be the newest or the best but he is trying to make the best with what he has.

    I wonder if those of you (LGF) who like to put him down so often had his vision and drive when you were that age, I know I sure didn't!

    We all have to start somewhere. I myself just started last year and I have learned a ton in that short time. Maybe his ideas are not always in agreement with some of you but let's give him some encouragment and help him out. Of course he (and all of us) are going to make some mistakes, but what better way is there to learn? Sometimes the best way to learn is to just go out there and do it, and that seems to be what he is doing.

    LGF: I'm sure you are very good at what you do and know a lot more than many of us, but sometimes you come across as a little arrogant and rude. Maybe that's just my opinion.

    Thanks for listening, just had to vent a little.

    Best wishes to all of you this year,

    Joel B.
  2. cos

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    No need to start a pissin' match. It gets me when I keep getting advice of well.. yeah I heard they're good and that brand is good and I heard good things about them too. Maybe It's just me but you probably are entertained by all the postings. This is a person lending advice that don't operate a full service landscape business and don't even drive a car. Sorry, but you will get alot of arguements here, but you asked and we are going to tell you why. No arguement about the drive inside, but lets admit that the advice that is lent is all invalid.
  3. DLCS

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    Cos, I couldn't agree with you more.
  4. Gr grass n Hi tides

    Gr grass n Hi tides LawnSite Bronze Member
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    BHB rec'd a lot of good feedback from everyone, including LGF in my opinion. I think gaining perspective is a good thing no matter how you cut it. That's a big reason why we're all here. I don't think LGF was "putting down" BHB. LGF gave him his .02 and there's useful info. in there. Maybe LGF is a little "in your face" with his style, but that's fine. We all communicate differently. BHB will take from all of this what he will. I'm sure in the long run he'll do just fine.
  5. John Gamba

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    Chuck The former Owner of Lawnsite was Right He LGF Has to have The Last word (TYPICAL LIBERAL) If You Ask Me. And He Is Good at What He Does BEING PUSHY.


    Johnny G.:waving: :waving: :waving: :waving:
  6. 1grnlwn

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    When I was a Senior in HS we had a senior hall way. All the Jocks and "cool" people would line the hall on both sides and verbally abuse (sometimes physically) anyone who rubbed us the wrong way. We were not too tough if you were with your girl. Everybody knew about it and either bypassed it or were damn sure they could pass safely. Just a few morons would strut through trying to prove something. I'm sure BHB would have been one of these people. What's LGF motto? If you are ..........
    I believe I had a certain amount of drive when I was 15. Worked all summer and breaks as electrician, built hot rod , played sports and chased the ladies. BHB needs a woman. I think LGF said it best when he called it parroting. Taking someone else's advice and giving it as your own. In school it is called plagiarism. He is not the only numb-skull on here doing this, just the best. There is even people who will post somebody else's pictures.
  7. FrankenScagMachines

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    How am I to reply to this one :dizzy:
    I do not give advice on equipment, I simply give thoughts on it to get people thinking for themselves, i know I can't tell them what to do and my opinion doesn't matter in their case. I just simply say have you thought of this? That? Or maybe this? Just listing ideas for them to think about that will let them make up their own mind about it.

    Cos, FWIW I do drive. Even though it's just a permit so far I have logged on alot of miles on road trips.

    Thanks Joel...
  8. johnhenry

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    This thread will do one or two things.It will hurt Eric's feelings. Remember guys he is a kid who will make mistakes at times. Or the insults will pour in on Lawngodfather.For his honesty.Sometimes peolple dont like to hear the truth.Sometimes I wonder why he even tries to help people.If you want to ven t about people here pm them dont air diry laundry in public.We all have are people here we dont care for but use the ignore button.What is with all the season veterans here getting slam lately.If there is problems it has to be with the newbies who have been here 3 months or less and asking silly stupid ? or slamming guys because they selective read the threads!!!!!!!!
  9. Gravely_Man

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    Everyone has to start somewhere and the boy tries I will give him that. I can truly see both sides of the debate but the beauty of this site is that you can take or leave all of the free advice given here.

  10. FrankenScagMachines

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    Well said, thank you.

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