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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnforce1, May 4, 2000.

  1. lawnforce1

    lawnforce1 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 62

    We have a ultra high dollar neighborhood that asked us to mow the unsold lots. Well, they were a good 4.5 feet tall, tried to mow them but it was a losing battle. Had to rent a large JD tractor and bush hog to clear it all. What is the going rate per acre for bush hogging? Anyone know? Would we charge per lot or acre?
  2. Charles

    Charles Moderator, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 11,810

    Depends on how far you have to drive. But when I bushhog. Driving short distancees there and back 1 hour 75$ min. 10 mile out 125$ min. 35$ per hour fields. 45$ hour wooded areas. This is just my area in the south. I think this is cheap but it seems to be the going rate.<br>
  3. southside

    southside LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 790

    We don't charge by the acrebut by the hour.<br>$45 p/h for tractor + $45 p/h travel,minimum<br>1 hour for each.Most contractors here don't<br>price by the acre,but $90(AUD) for the first<br>acre then $40 per acre after that.Either<br>that or if they are standard vacant lots<br>(800m2) and they are all close together,then<br>$20 per block dependent on number of blocks.<br>Any queries I'm at southside@windsor.net.au<p>Hope this helps,<p>Karl<br>
  4. DMC300

    DMC300 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    I also charge by the hour,$45 an hour is about all this area is good for.Thats with a 10' deck and a 70 h.p.ford.<p>----------<br>DON<br>LIANNES' MOWING
  5. southside

    southside LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 790

    ****,thats too cheap!!!Over here I get $45p/h<br>for a 50hp with 5' slasher.A machine that size here,would get $75 p/h. I would sell the<br>bloody thing and get something a little more<br>lucrative,especially when you consider the <br>maintenance costs on these machines.70hp<br>for a 10' slasher seems a little under powered.70hp here would run a 6 footer.<br>To run a 10' properly you'd need 95-110 hp<br>to have enough grunt for all occasions.<p>Karl<br>
  6. Charles

    Charles Moderator, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 11,810

    OOPps I meant to say per hour

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