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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bushhogman, May 18, 2006.

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    Hello everybody,
    I just joined the site a couple of weeks ago. I use to mow yards but I moved on to bush hog work. I got really tired of doing 10 to 15 yards a week for $250 to $600 a week (there is to much competition in Atlanta,,every damn redneck down has a trailer and mower) So, I got to thinking what could I do that nobody else is doing? Ah,,,bush hog work!! I had a John Deere tractor (4600 47 HP 4X4) that I used around the house and I started thinking bush hog work might just work. (do fewer jobs and charge more) Its was very slow at first, but I have enough customers to keep me busy in the summer. I can one job a week and make the same amount of cash as if I went to 10 yards. No complaints either,,,they just want the bushes on the ground. I also started making trimmer racks during the winter months to make some extra $$$ till spring hit. Well,,,thats it for me,,if you need some bush hog work done in Atlanta hit my website and give me a call...I can handle the bigger stuff that a commercial lawn mower cant,,,later phil
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    ide like to see your trimmer racks too!! welcome to the site man, good to have you here!
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    great website btw, very very well done imo

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