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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by PicturePerfectLawn&Land, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. PicturePerfectLawn&Land

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    How important is a top of the line business card? I'm talking about one that is professionally designed with reflective foil, raised lettering, two-sided, multi-color and premium linen card stock. I was quoted $425 for design and printing of 1000. In the past I have used Vistaprint for very basic cards.

    My initial thought was that these cards would reflect the quality of our work and look very professional. I've been in business since 2001 but just went full time in 2013 and am trying to build my image and brand. Now if i can do it just as effectively with $10 cards from Vista then hurrah.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Landrus2

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    The $10 cards are fine. Word of mouth is what goes around.:waving:
  3. kube616

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    I really don't see the importance of spending $425 on businees cards...
  4. alldayrj

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    I paid 90 for 1000, the design was maybe 50? And i get complimented every time i give one out. Find a better guy. Nothig gives off a worse impression than lame cards. Get heavy stock and mine are full gloss so they dont get dirty etc
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    We offer business cards, postcards, direct mail, etc. Our Lawnsite customers have found our doorhanger special for $79 very helpful. You get 1,000 of our full color Band-It
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  6. TTS

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    Mine were professionally designed by my fiance (graphic designer) then just used a local printer on nice thick full gloss stock. Raised letters and all that hoopla won't make a bit of difference but don't use a crap template card either. You can get professional cards in your hands for way less than $425
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  7. David1970

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    High dollar and over the top business cards are over-kill in my opinion.
  8. 205mx

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    No way. Vista prints are a little cheap and lame IMO. IVe used staples, theirs are high quality
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  9. recycledsole

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    $425 is a complete rip off.
    I have nice 2 sided color, gloss coating, 14pt thickness cards and they look nice. I got 1,000 of them for $21 + $13shipping from I would say business cards are a good choice to have for your business and they are cheap. You can give them to people when you meet them so they recognize you are legit and will be able to contact you. Usually people put the business logo, their name, and contact info.
    good luck
  10. ducnut

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    The quoted price is out of line. I gave ~$63 for 1000, double-sided, gloss cards.

    For sure, do a nice card. If your stuff looks great, it projects the idea you'll do great work. Cheap, un-appealing cards get thrown in the trash. Nice ones go in a drawer, stuck under a magnet on the fridge, go into a rolodex, etc.

    I do residential snowblowing. I handed a card to a lady who wasn't interested for that particular snowfall. However, after the next heavy snowfall (~1 month), her neighbor mentioned needing someone. That lady had kept my card in a drawer and offered my number. It turned into one of the biggest snowjobs I've had, as it was a rather large lake property drive.

    Also, I got a Vistaprint postcard, with Vistaprint return address label, from one of my competitors. The thing looks so cheap and generic, just like his quality of work. It makes no positive impression at all. What's worse is he spent 34 cents to mail it to me. It's receptacle filler.

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