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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JJLandscapes, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Need to order some new business cards where are some good sites where i can upload my logo. Not looking for anything special and i used b4 and wondering if there are anyy other good ones
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    Id be happy to print for you. I have a few designs for business cards that you can see on my site that I can customize for you free.

    Though my prices are a little higher, I offer top quality products, with a customer service that is second to none. You can also use lawnsite as the coupon code for $75 off your order.

    I will also be running a promotion with Better Products in the next few weeks where I will be giving away a Samurai for every 100 orders I receive!

    Anyone that orders now will be included in this giveaway, I already have one person so far.

    Email me with any questions you have.
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    VistaPrint (add the .com to it) has some nice services at good prices and even has free cards to sample or for use if you don't mind there advertisement on the back. You do pay shipping.

    O.K. I'm an idiot. I just re-read your post and referred you to the same place. Sorry, it doesn't look like I'm allowed to delete this post.

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    Vista Print is the only way to go! Very good selection ... fantastic quality ... fast shipping (1 week .. even the slow method) ... and many. many other products as well. And yes .. you can upload your own design, and the reproduction is great! And the pricing ... you won't find any better!

    Click here -->

  6. Check with your local printing companies. I made my own design with a software program, I recently purchased. There are quite a few shareware programs out there. Try them for free, then buy the one you like. Mine cost $35.00. The printing company in my town charged $74.62(after taxes) for a 120# stock card paper, 4 color card with an aqueus gloss coating, 1 sided print.
    All I had to do was create the design I wanted, export that file/save as a PDF file.
    I emailed this to the company, 2 days later, I drove downtown and picked them up.
    Check locally first, there a many printing companies to choose from. I couldn't find any advantages to getting them printed by an online business, so I went to a local company.
    Your doing business locally, every opportunity to come in contact with other local businessess is a potential plus for you. You may encounter an employee or two at different businesses that may want to hire you for the services you offer.
    This has worked for me in the past.
    Worth looking into.


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