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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Commander, Mar 18, 2002.

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    I made mine on the computer. I bought a pack of 20 sheets with 10 cards on each sheet at office store for about $15. Put a sheet in the printer and print! The big advantages are that I have unlimited numbers of colors I could use and I can make the cards exactly the way I want it to be.
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    I have a freind that owns a large print shop im trying to come up with a logo and design and am going to have them foil stamped the first run is always most expensive because the dies are 45 per color etc but ill be able to use the logo die to make letterhead and envelopes for very little additional cost.If u do your art work and tell them your in no hurry they can run the cards when there press is already using the colors you chose you can save on setup not to mention most print shops ive seen could use lawn service
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    Im a cheapo too,I print my own on the computer,I just run them off when I want and I make them different for Commercial Mowing,Rubbish removal,tree work etc.You can design them in Microsft Word as good as a print shop.Blank labels are a few bucks.

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