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Hi, I recently had a few T-Shirts made up w/my company name and just basic info. I have the design listed below and was wondering what some of your guys thoughts would be if this was put on business cards. Just the back side of the shirt.

Also, who do you guys use to make your cards? I've heard some things of i think "Vista Print" any input on prefered sites. I'm only looking to make 250 or so of them. Thanks in advance.


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I just ordered some cards from vista online but waited before I completed the checkout and the next day they sent me a code to put in for free shipping. I completed the transaction today and received the free shipping.
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I get emails all the time from vistaprint, but I have never actually bought anything from them. I don't know anyone personally that has had things printed from vistaprint, so I am a little unsure of the quality of their products. I go to my local Staples for most of my printing jobs. I think they are a little more expensive than the online places, but I can get my jobs printed quickly and I know the quality I am getting. Usually I can have my jobs printed and in my hands within a day or even a matter of a couple hours. So it just makes more sense to me to buy something that I know the quality of and that I can get quickly. Plus, I can use my staple's rewards card to accumulate discount coupons.

And I think that your shirt layout should be pretty easy to make into a business card design and will look pretty nice too.
Vistaprint does a fine job on business cards and pretty much anything else. Make a small order the first time and they'll send you 25% off coupon with that order. I've gotten hats and T-shirts and bought business cards from there a few times. You pretty much design the card using their tools and then they make it happen.

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