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Question for those of you with websites. How much new business are you getting from people finding you online and contacting you through an email form? I am just about to get my website running and have no idea if it will be worth the money. I guess I am just looking for some positive stories so I know my money was well spent in developing a website. Thanks for your comments.


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I have gained a few good clients through my website. I actually just recieved a letter from google that said I am a "found on google favorite" and my website has been searched 375 times in the last 5 months. Well here is the not so positive part, I only gained 2 clients out of those 375 people that searched for my business and lawn maintenance in my area. I get more of a response from posting ads on craigslist weekly under farm/garden services. A website does however make my company look more professional than the other 40 lawn care companies in my area that dont have one.


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As a delaer we get around 250-500 hits a month depending on season. And 20-30 emails a month about mowers. Most are jsut price shoppers. But we do sell alot from it.

With the way the advertising market has been latley, our website has been our best advertising tool. This is just a guess but out of the mowers we sell, around 70% of them have been to the manufacturers website and searched us through the dealer finder.


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yes i have one...have had one since 06 and it works! people will email for a quote before they will call anymore and this includes huge companies....


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I gain most of my business through my website. I have good search rankings on google and yahoo. I'd say 70% comes from searches and the other 30% gets directed to my site from craigslist or other ads.


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our new site has only been up since summer 09, and i think since trhen wehave had about 10 or so contracts out of it. we are starting to get quote requests now for spring. we are going to make a big push here in a few weeks and get our name and website out there even more. the website is also advertised on our trucks


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Newport, RI
I think it works, and it is pretty cheap. I think it makes your company look a little more credible.


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gadsden alabama
i am just getting back into lawn service and figured i try all advertising including a website.some guy how advertises his google success takes up the entire page of results with a fake lawn service just to prove he my website is not ranked. anyone else had this problem?although i am getting hits on my site but nothing promising.check out my site and let me know what you
My friend is making one for me right now. I am pretty excited about it and think it will help me pick up some good business this year. I did 2 really nice landscape installs that i am going to put on there and the website looks really good so far.

In my opinion, the web is where it's at. Whether it's your own website or craigslist, people are going on the net a lot more these days. Most companies in my area don't even have a website.

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