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    I have signed up for a booth at our area chamber of commerce business expo but i have no idea on what to put in the booth. It is inside but i think i could do a little display outside and keep the others stuff inside. Maybe? Any Help would be great. Thanks!!
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    I remember going to business expos with my mom when I was younger when she managed a restaurant, they would set up a table and a fold out wall thing, and hang pictures up, dinner menus, Drift wood and nets and bouys and stuff, due to it was a seafood restaurant...

    Alot of the busineses give stuff away, think Stickers, brouchers, flyers, magnets, golf balls, tshirts, coupons, ballons.

    Its basically a promotional thing.

    Just stuff like that.. They had contest on booths and we won first place like 4yrs in a row.
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    I had a booth at our local fireman's festival few years ago. We set up a small above ground pond and waterfall 10'X5', and the front of the booth up to the table I set up a cut stone retaining wall,Then we gave away fliers and small seedling trees that where donated by park dept. and course we had poster size pics of our work, and offered 15% off installs if they sign up at the show.

    At the show we pick up 14 Contracts and 12 contracts after the show.

    The total cost for us at the show was under $3000.00
    We gained over 41,000.00 in work So it worked out quite well
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    I was just at a Home & Landscape show in Dallas and they had several displays of landscaping with lots of pavers, ponds, foliage and pergolas. After looking at several of the displays, I remember thinking "I wonder what the floor loading limit is?" as we were on the second floor.

    One of the booths had a table top wooden box with glass sides and inside there was folded up money flying around from a blower. If you registered and guessed the correct amount of money you would win it. Of course then they would have your name and address for future sales marketing, but I thought it was a good idea as it seemed to attract lots of folks to their booth.

    I have also helped run a booth at a local fishing & tackle show for several years and almost everyone gives a discount if you buy their product or service at the show.

    If you give away helium balloons with your name and logo on them to all the kids you'll get plenty of advertising with all the kids walking around flying those balloons. And all the kids will pester their folks for a free baloon. Do a search for balloon printing or maybe you could just buy a rubber stamp and make your own balloons.

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    Do you happen to have any pictures of your booth.

    Thanks Everyone
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    I do and I have been trying to find them since I posted
    When I find them I will post them
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    How about getting a banner for your booth and then have some brochures and business cards to hand out to those that visit you?

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