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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by edwardslcs5505, Oct 1, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, this is my first post to the site. I am selling off my business as a whole or in pieces. First off to tell a little about the business, been around since 2007 and has grown exponentially since. Also first off, the reason I am selling has nothing to do with the business, I am moving out of Maryland far south to the Carolina's in May 2010, I have had a great few years in the business with the clients and employees I have.

    We run exmark equipment, 2006 60" TT with stand on velke, 1050hrs electric start, runs great, 2008 exmark 36" Metro with x2 velke, very low hours maybe only 200. Basic lawn boy 21" push mowers, (2) echo srm 210 string trimmers (1) echo srm230 string trimmer (2) echo 403b back pack blowers, echo cs-310 chainsaw, tons of hand tools and equipment, wheelbarrows, tarps etc. 6.4'x12' TNA single axle trailer brand new this year.

    Customers, we have 100+ clients we service every season approx. 50 of these are on a regular basis with mowings and maintenance, the other 50+ use us for all spring mulching and clean ups, planting, trimming, hardscapes and leaf removals. 1 very nice HOA contract with new home development approx. 30 500k+ homes, responsible for complete grounds maintenance, 09-10 contract in place for 6k+ for the upcoming season. You receive 10 equal payments from March - December. Also 1 decent sized office building we mow only on a regular season basis April - October. We typically start work in March with clean ups, mulching and hardscapes, get into mowing 2nd week of April, finish cutting at end of Oct or early Nov. For heavy volume, busy months this past year approx April - July gross 15k per month, other months average 6k-9k. Annual target sales number is 85k for 2009, year to date around 62k. This has been tremendous growth for us in this area of Maryland considering the first year in 2007 grossed TOTAL 8k! 2008 was 29k, (have tax returns as proof) Very explosive, high demand area for business, very very reputiable name in the area and extremely loyal customer base. All enjoy the excellent customer service, pricing, professionalism and timely work greatly!

    Asking 40k for all equipment and clients for this 2010 season. We will be finishing out the 09 season as is with the people we have on staff now but would ideally like to transition new company starting Jan 2010. Would really prefer a good, reputable name in the industry to pass all our clients off too, not just the lawn guy next door. Will transition new owner into operations for (1) full month. All 2010 advertising, informing clients of new ownership we will handle. If buying in pieces will consider $35k for clients and contracts for 2010.

    Please leave feedback, serious inquires only please.

    thank you.

    edit - you can't post an email address at the site. thanks, Mike
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    Best of luck to you! Sounds like a good opportunity to grow an existing company
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    once you are able to pm me . What parts of Howard county are you doing work in ?
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    Do you have a number where I can call you?

    I am interested.


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    We may be interested in your accounts. What part of Howard and Baltimore County are your accounts in?

    PM me with any additional details you may have...

    Gary Weiss
    Perficut, Inc.
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    This is the same listing that is on CL.
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    Do you have the link?

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    you should see what guys here want for their stuff....he's actually not that far off "imo"
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    This the same chideloh thats into reef keeping?

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